Turret thoughts and concerns


  1. Deploy…and lose, because you forget to retrieve before mission ends.
  • shouldn’t these be automatically recovered upon completing a mission.
  1. Static…useless upon advancing, other than left to protect your flank.
  • It would be great to have a mobile option that tracts within a range of the tech. I would love to see a drone that could fly around giving reconnaissance.

  2. LOAD OUT…would be great to have other weapon/medic options. The flamethrower or rocket launcher…come to mind.

You can relocate it with technician, and after another deployment it will have ammo replenished (may be a bug but it works right now)

Ok, I’ll check that out…but how difficult would it be to allow a reload on a turret(or a vehicle mounted weapon)

*Also, there really should be a auto retrieve upon completion of a mission. Ridiculous that a tech would just walk off and leave a costly turret behind.

If you win the mission then yeah it should auto retrieve.

If you retreat however, I think the turret should be left behind (as with any gear).

Maybe this will come with research/advanced tech.

There will be. It is not implemented yet just as taking to base any item from the ground that you have dropped.

I agree…if you high-tail it outta there, all bets are off!

Good to hear. I know it sounds like I’m complaining…but, well, ok…I am complaining. But, really, it’s like complaining to grandma that she should have made a bigger apple pie😋

I find myself forgetting that this is a backer build! It’s THAT GOOD! I mean…I would have bought this game many times over.
I’m still in awe of the freakin’ flamethrower!

This was bugging me, I figured I would search before starting a new topic.

Also on the thought of losing turrets at the end of missions, what about battlefield crates, it seems like an option to go one or two more turns after you clear a base to grab the stuff in the crates, I could live with even one turn, I realize that the other factions might not like to see you looting the equipment but a turn to ‘make sure the perimeter is clear’ would be a nice option, like, give us a prompt after we clear the mission to leave or grab stuff.