Technician Turret Bugs

Deployed turret on roof. The roof was then destroyed by crab grenade. My technician fell through to the floor yet turret stayed high and returned fire. Was unable to retrieve turret on ghost roof.

Also it seems if a turret is deployed and a battle ends you lose the turret? Surely it would automatically retrieved.

It is like that since BB2.


I have not had a turret fire on a single enemy except my very first mission ever. I keep trying to leave its lines open. Not sure if the detect range is shorter than I remember or what, but I don’t even bother with them any more.

Strange. I keep it always with my technician as powerful backup unit. It rips through crabmen as hot knife through the butter. But it’s target selection probably ignores enemies too far.

I’ve noticed that too…I deployed a turret in an alley to protect my flank, then hid my tech behind a container to shoot any crabmen that made it through…only to have the crabmen walk past the turret and blast my poor tech to bits!

I love the concept…and disappointed by their diminished performance.

My experience too . I can’t figure out what triggers a turret - except possibly enemy fire.

Turret has two functions:

  1. It shoots at enemies just between alien turn and your turn. And only do that when it have clear line of sight to enemy. So deploying it in dense corridors or between Anu shacks probably will fail to give any substantial amount of damage, because enemies will hide from it. If you will deploy it at the end of some long corridor or at the open space you will see it’s fury. :slight_smile:
  2. It profides return fire at attacking enemies. You have to put your soldiers also in line of sight of that turret so if any enemy will dare to attack your soldier then turret will retaliate. But also worth noting is the fact that return fire now has range limit and it (probably) is limited by stealth factor. So enemy attacking you more than 12 squares from the turret won’t trigger return fire from that turret.

Gotta be careful with mindfraggers around, because turrets will happily light them up…while they’re on your guy’s face.

If they were smart turrets, I would just turn them off with respect to shooting at mindfraggers. Too much risk.

My most frequent application was dropping them at choke points in alien nests to my rear. They would help manage ones that spawn behind me without dedicating personnel. I’ve stopped doing that, though, as I’ve found that if you just advance quickly enough the ones that spawn to the rear are irrelevant. They can’t advance to where they’re a threat before I can make it to the spawner and finish it (especially once my squad’s speed starts getting up there)

They now aim at mindfragger specifically, so my turret rescued my ‘fragged’ soldiers few times in BB4 instead of turning them into piece of meat with bunch of holes.

I mean, I appreciate any upgrades, but I’ve still had folks come to harm when the first bullet or two kills the bug but the turret keeps shooting at the face.


Thanks for clarifying Yokes.