Suggestion: quad rotor drones

Don’t know if it will work but after a few test matches using turrets I got an idea.

Quad rotor drone
Info: deployed similar to the turret, but as an action the tech the deployed it can tell it to move. Still auto fires.

There are two ways to deploy a drone, a technician manually deploys, or a vehicle which can have them instead of a main gun. (vehicles with them can deploy two drones at once and re equip them in the fight.

Drone equipment: by default the drones have a pistol as their weapon, and are able to fire it twice per turn. But the drone can be re equipped with an ammo box, or grenades.

IF equipped with an ammo box it can resupply any soldier that opens the box. similar to any crate. The down side to this is the fact that these drones only come from the vehicle version.

Grenade equipped ones explode at a remote trigger, if destroyed or land before they explode drops the grenade.

Faction differences: Not enough experience with the game to do this right but will give a base.

The blue armored ones: Use PDW’s instead of pistols.

Phoenix: Standard ones, can not carry grenades but can be equiped with a one shot rocket launcher.

The other faction: No clue, seriously don’t know enough about the game and the lore.