Recovering, magically, turrets left behind in Lairs

This could happen in other “Evac” scenarios, in this case, I left the laser turret next to start point and spawn zone to prevent Pandas following my squad when they go to Evac zone.

My technician went away knowing that he will never recover the turret, acceptable loss,
but after Evac magically the turrent still is there, in the soldier panel.

I prefer that over not recovering them at all in successful missions, like it was before. :smiley:

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Magic is everywhere in this game, and I don’t like it


I also don’t like it, but like I said I prefer to retrieve them on missions where I should not to, over not recovering them on missions where I should. :slight_smile:

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it does happen on all missions and its not a bug, it gets classed as loot if it wasn’t destroyed, before they added the evac part to missions we wouldn’t be talking about this, no one has moaned about still having a turret after a leaving it behind when mission was completed before the latest patch, its part of the game mechanics’ .

at least to saves making a new one. its the evac part that’s wrong most the time evac soliders is time wasting and is damaging the playability of this game.

I agree, I said that few days ago

But specifically lair missions, spoils of war is not happening, it’s “kill Spawnery and run to Evac zone”, so if you leave any weapon behind, you should lose them

I agree.

I think of all places, in Lairs turrets that are not picked up should be left there. It adds some depth to the gameplay, makes the choice of using turrets more interesting.

In most other missions, where evac is a pointless waste of time because all the enemies are dead anyway and no reinforcements are coming, I can live with some magic (call it abstraction).


  • In Lairs evac is good, because there are enemy reinforcements.

  • Ambush missions are a great idea, but very poorly executed. Evac there is, in practice, a waste of time.

  • Special missions that require reaching a tile and clearing the map, or reaching a tile and exfiltrating even when all enemies are dead are bad design.

Ah, and evac in Citadels it’s currently a bug - they will be changed in next patch and then hopefully it will be good too.

true mission types like ambush, nest and lairs should have evac sites, but mission maps with no spawning points like citadels shouldn’t.

Ambushes for me need a bit of love. At the moment they happen far too often forcing you to start save scumming on the strategy layer, with little real consequence either way. No reward for turning the ambush on it’s head either. Often if you’re ambushed by a faction it can feel more like you’ve walked into a bloke walking his dog. Especially if it’s the forsaken and then it often IS a bloke walking his dog. When it comes to the auto collect of turrets then I’m with Yokes on this one, i’d rather have them auto collect on missions where i’ve removed the OPFOR and have to manually pick up on missions where there is a hot evac. But if it’s going to mean the former is a bit hazy then I’d happily ignore the later for a bit of convieniance over grin reality here.