Triangles ffa tournament


Are you serious??? What is this sorcery with accounts and names? My core beliefs are sinking.


@blobka @Othrek @Alistair @clef @bluddy please cancel your games with Xirk, sorry, but at this point I don’t see an option other than replacing him

I’ll see if bos5k feels like joining

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Scrapped a victory by a fortunate strike of luck in Triangles 5 id 1145053 against Aka and Othrek

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Ok so Bos5k is taking Xirkaanius’ place. Please cancel any current games with Xirk and start/restart any games that need to be played—I’ve highlighted them on the googlesheet. Please reply back that you’ve read this and have started all your games, thanks!

Sorry for those of you who have to restart—and especially Beje and Roderic who had already tied…


I made new games and surrendered with Xirk. Waiting new participants to join triangles 6 and 18.

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It’s done. I saw him once in game few days ago, wrote him in chat of you were trying to reach him and of his expected obligation fulfillment in the tournament, he didn’t answer so that is :woozy_face:
Nice replacement though! :partying_face:


thanks Alistair, sorry for the disruption


thanks blobs!

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Triangles 7 is already set up.

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I have won the 10th Triangle, game ID 1145175, against Bejebus and Clef

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Are 12 and 14 set up? Bos5k has to make them


yeah, i think we started those already, i’ll doublecheck


Triangles 20 id 1145556: Roderic wins against Othrek and Alistair

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Triangle thirteen blobka - victor; Clef and Alister - losor! :partying_face:

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Count me another Aka, against Clef and Bluddy, in a surprising desperate reversal

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roderic is dangerous in this tourney


Nah, I lost the last one a bit silly, so I keep a 3:4 ratio. I think mines are finished. Good luck for the rest of you.

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Bejebus wins game #4 vs Blobka and Bluddy


Clef won “triangles 19”


Bejebus wins #7 vs Bos5k and Roderic

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