Trade & Anu mutations - general idea

Trading for resources alone seems like a missed opportunity. Would factions not be open to trading, at a price, with people they are at least somewhat friendly with?

It seems if you’re hostile you can steal their tech, if you’re stuck with the ally mission on the other side of the world you can’t negotiate with them for anything of real value. You can recruit specialist units but you cannot get the weapons required for them. At a minimum I’d think at the time of recruiting a unit there should be an option to buy some appropriate weapons, and factions should trade ammo with those their friendly with (even if at a significantly inflated price to just manufacturing it).

Anu Mutations:
The Anu mutations sounded awesome when first unlocking them, but then I see what they are - Anu’s version of class armour. While it has the positive of allowing any troop to use the armour (I think, haven’t tested proficiency with armour at all yet but it appears to give the option) it just seems to be a bit of a missed opportunity to have more bizarre and flavoured mutations. Maybe even introduce a random element to it - you can select the general type and body area, but it’s a mutation, you can’t control the exact outcome. In game terms I guess I’m thinking less as armour, and more as mounted equipment, add ons which would need to be pretty special to take the place of normal equipment.

If we go down this line of thinking, you could have options for New Jericho around cybernetic enhancements for your soldiers.

Synedrion I don’t know, but given the infiltrators gear there’s still a theme that could be extended.

Either way it feels like there are opportunities here to make it more fun and more troops to be more customized.


I like it. but yeah, let’s have a random element, not outcome :slight_smile: I dont want to have stone legs for my sniper :wink: but random look or additional perks would be great.

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This would add more immersion for sure. Base game is good but it badly needs more QOL and immersion increasing features I feel.

Cyber enhancements are coming in the next DLC, there are also 2 more DLCs that are not named so I am not surprised if those expand the game in the Anu and Synedrion techs. For now… this is a rushed out game as we all know and so, yeah…

I feel like this game is going to be a ROCK STAR if the modding community have a chance to get involved through official mod support like XCOM2.

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I really dislike the way they simply change unceremoniously, i don’t expect a cutscene but it should be a big deal to have a soldier give up on his humanity.

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Agreed, that would potentially add another level of complexity, the individuals alignment (which may shift due to global politics and the people he’s most frequently exposed too). If someone is against the disciples of Anu then it seems unlikely they’d allow it to happen at all.