Soldiers without augmentations please

I would like to recruit New Jericho soldiers without any augmentations, but this seems to be impossible at least for the technician class. First of all I don’t like them for roleplaying reasons. And second, if I want to use them I want to choose them myself.


From my many play throughs, only Anu recruits have augmentations. New Jericho is anti-augmentation. Unless this is a DLC thing, which I currently don’t have.

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I don’t like freaks on my team, so I give them generic names like Robot Head or Squid Face and keep them on-base. It would be nice if there was something else l could do with them.

There could be a way to “treat” the Disciples of Anu (which would make the Anu hate you, maybe even the Synedrions, and could involve some cool lore/dialogue/missions–there could be a whole DLC about it), realistic-looking prosthetics (with little or no bonus) to replace cybernetic limbs. The “fixed” soldiers would not look like normal humans, but close enough. Imagine what surgeries you’d actually have to perform to make a Squid Face look human. Robot Heads would be incurable since they’re already dead IMO and are just a human body controlled by a machine head (though you could clarify in lore somewhere that the original brain remains intact).

Another thing that would be cool is if it were possible to double-disable a limb, destroying it completely. Then you’d have to replace it with cybernetics. That would make the technician class more important, too, because you wouldn’t want soldiers to stay disabled long if they could lose a limb permanently.

Also, maybe an easier implementation that would make use of soldiers a player doesn’t want: the ability to trade soldiers (or prisoners–that would add some depth if you could build Human Containment and the factions also took prisoners). Make it so Anu will not take cybernetic soldiers and mutates normal human ones, New Jericho won’t take mutants, and Synedrion could be neutral. It could be fun trading captured New Jericho soldiers to the Disciples.

Soldiers are so expensive, I’ve barely been able to crew enough ships most games, have never staffed all bases, so it’s especially frustrating when I get some inhuman freak who I don’t want. It’s a lot easier to just not recruit anyone who might be augmented and build vehicles for base defense. (On a side note: I’m reluctant to play Iron Man style because the soldiers are so expensive. It may be overall easier if you have a lot of cannon fodder, but I’m more likely to play without reloading saves when I know I can always recruit more soldiers.)


I must say, I dislike that soldiers come that defined out of the box. I think, that in such games, half of the fun, is growing and developing your roster.


Not wrong. It’s the customization and choice with troops that makes a XCOM-like game.


I just wanted power armor.
Instead we got this cybernetic BS.
Honestly, a stale idea. It seems PP is just copying what nuXCOM does.

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Or just expand possible modifications for New Jericho soldiers. It follows the lore properly.

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Heh, come and see mutations nowadays, I cant stop laughing when my high grade skilled soldier suddenly has “chicken legs” :slight_smile: I opt for changing look to be mutated human leg instead of … Crabmans like chicken legs :slight_smile: Mutation perks are fine and nice expansion, its just the looks :slight_smile:

Stop me if I’m missing something here, but surely if you opt to hire recruits from Anu - or attach Cyber-enhancements - you should expect to have ‘freaks’ (a term I hate btw, even though I detest the whole super-privileged medieval culture of Anu ) in your roster.

If you don’t want mutated troopers, don’t hire from Anu, simple as.

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Just for clarification and only with DLC:
After NJ and Synedrion researched their bionic augementations they also only have recruits with at least one mechanic bodypart.


That’s my point. After the factions upgraded their stuff you are forced to recruit soliders with augments/mutations.


Have to agree with this. You reach a point in game where every recruit has an augment or mutation, most of which undermine their class.
This is particularly bad for snipers, who never come from Anu, but benefit the most from Anu mutations.

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Problem is initial cost not the outcome of augmentation. You can change augmentations at any time so it is not a big problem.

As far as I can tell you can’t remove augments, nor can you replace them with Anu mutations(or vice versa). Additionally you are limited to two per soldier.
If the augment is on an undesired bodypart, or entirely unwanted for that recruit class, then you are stuck with poor(er) replacement recruits for any losses. This particularly affects snipers as in the example I gave.
Cost of recruits/augments is an additional issue.

Both do have the same outcome though - lack of acceptable losses. This pushes the game towards the outcome I believe Julian wanted to avoid, where the game is lost 3 months earlier, but you don’t realise it.

Oh right. But if you really need specific one on specific body part, then you would need to search for recruit not buy first available. Thank God that they implemented info tooltip detailing starting equipment of a recruit.