To Antarctica bugged

After finishing the quest “To Antarctica” regardless what tactical encounter (a raid, protecting my base, protecting my extractor locations, any other mission encounter, etc) I finish next, the game takes me back to the point where I just finished “To Antarctica”. The time is set back and all the changes too, basically I get reset to that moment when I just finished that mission encounter. Tried to backtrack, went back to a previous save, did “To Antarctica” again, same stuff happened again. Is it a known bug? What triggers it?

@Valygar the devs should be alerted to this.

@Herdli could you please repeat the process and f10 a bug report when it happens. Thanks.

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Played 1.9.1 mission on easy and did not have the bug. Are you playing on higher difficulties?

Standard/Veteran difficulty. It might be the new patch (I started the game before the new patch came out, bug occurred after the new patch, and the patch notes do state that Antarctica is now easier to reach, so there were defo some changes)