Rescue a frozen autosave

Hello! Enjoying things, despite a few bugs!

I’ve just completed a special mission* and the game has returned to the strategic layer without playing a cutscene or anything. The game is entirely non-responsive (as in, it recognises I am in the game, it’s just no inputs do anything) and frozen looking at the South Pacific. I’ve reported the bug using the in-game reporting feature, but I was wondering whether this was documented anywhere else, and if so, if there was a way to force the game to move forwards? The game has put down an autosave as we’ve come “back” to the strategic layer, but loading that just puts me back in the position. The last save is before that mission, and I would just rather not play it again if there was a way to avoid it!

*MINOR SPOILERS: The Synedrion mission where you defend their rocket launch facility.