[Backer Build 1] The game is awesome. Thank you mr. Gollop and Phoenix Point team for your job.

TLDR: tactics plays much more dynamic and interesting compared to XCom Enemy Unknown. I mean it because I’ve played XCom Long War for more than a year almost every day some time ago.

COOL things:

  1. The whole aiming and cover concept. This is what is called elegant solution. It is simple, intuitive and working as expected. For the people who doesn’t like enemy return fire. Just position your soldier behind low cover (then he is not stepping out when shooting, just stands up), then shoot, then retreat to high cover or out of line of enemy sight. In my experience this greatly lowers the chance that return fire hits you.
  2. Body parts aiming, free aiming. This thing opens whole new layer of options. Disabling legs of melee units and grenade arms of grenadiers is a true fun and sometimes the only way to win.
  3. Bleeding. Gives an option to just run away and wait until enemy dies without wasting ammo and exposing your soldier.
  4. Moving after shooting – you can retreat like in Worms or Silent Storm. This is cool and I believe that AI should use this tactics. I mean step out, shoot, hide.
  5. Inventory and crates. You can for example give 4 grenades to an assault and make him bombarding the queen. Also it is impossible to win without gathering crates, so this encourages you to play more openly.

Some strange thigs I’ve noticed:

  1. Every time you choose fire action and then cancel it, the percentage you see and HP damage squares are always different. Moreover this seem to have a very little in common with the actual damage you do. This is not critical, but instinctively encourages me to gamble the best possible damage estimation before firing (even though this doesn’t guarantee anything)
  2. The sniper with pistol is the most powerful unit. I’ve noticed that in most missions that I won pistol and gunslinger perk played crucial role. One time I’ve disabled 4 queen’s legs in one move. The other time I’ve killed completely healthy fat crab and wounded another also in one move.


  1. Please, keep working. You are doing good.
  2. I need more grenades to use them not just to disable queen but also to destroy cover.

The game simulates some shots for showing you a possible damage, and because it’s random (just like your shots), the possibility of different “predictions” is not impossible.

Do note that the actual shot is simulated after you press Fire, so the different predictions for the same aiming have no actual effect.

You will be able to bring as many equipment as your soldiers can carry (or you have available), so giving everyone lots of grenades should be possible once it’s implemented.

Interesting that you liked Gunslinger. I personally found it mostly useless because of just how inaccurate the pistol is at anything that isn’t practically in melee range.

It’s useful if your Sniper gets ambushed, or if you run into a shield-user early on due to the pistol not only having a higher per-shot damage over the AR but still also 1 layer of armor-ignore.

I mean I used it on a few occasions. That said it was still extremely situational to the point that I almost never used it outside of a few situations and initially trying it out. Generally a single burst of AR fire would kill a Crabman at close range and at further range the pistol was just too inaccurate.

Remember that enemies are animated and they turn in place, sometimes hiding more behind gun or shield. It gives them armour and thus lower your potential damage.