A lot of questions

So I waited untill the game was available on Xbox game pass (because Epic sucks).

I waited a bit to play the game untill last week.
Started the game, and chose easy mode to play the game because I heard there is spike in difficulty later in the game.
So I started the game, did the tutorial, and after that the game started with unlocking new jericho and the first mission.
This was pretty easy due to the easy difficulty, now however, it took me like 4 hours later to discover the Anu faction and then like again 4 hours later Synedrion. Is this normal??
The problem here is that i’m pretty friendly with New Jericho because they were the first faction I discovered and defended their havens, which kinda sucks because i’m aiming to be friendly with all 3 classes.
But all of the Havens of New Jericho are in the mist and I have no choice to defending them this makes the other factions go not friendly on me, all because I “discovered” the factions Anu and Syn. late their haves are very far from the mist, even with Syn that is like 33% friendly with me and I see their havens they are still far from the mist…

2nd problem.
I’m like 15-20 hours far in the game.
The only new weapon I have is the New Jericho assault rifle bulldog 50 or something like that.
I have no new weapons or armor to research I don’t wan’t to attack the other havens or is this the only way to get new technology…? I thought getting friendly with other factions gets you their technology too…?
I’m also noticing on the easy difficulty a spike in difficulty but is this due to no new weapons or something else ? I don’t know.

3rd problem
Also in the havens I see no special classes to recruit, even in New Jericho havens where i’m quite friendly with them I only see the normal classes soldiers.

Anyone has some insights on this?

The factions have to finish their research for more advanced classes. And build Elite training facilities
in their havens. Only after that you will see new recruits. =)

Finish research on the enemy corpses. There is a couple of surprises waiting for you))

It is possible. Continue to play, there will be missions granting +relationships to all 3 factions later in the game. I’ve got +100% relationships with all 3 factions at the moment =)

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It can be, and there’s no problems with that. Last time it took 11 days to find Synedrion just because of the priorities I had.

You’re not really meant to be friendly with all of them. You can be, but there’s no real benefit to doing so and you’re really stretching yourself thin if you try (it’s more of a method I’m kind of applying right now actually, but regardless I found myself antagonizing Anu and only acquiring a second Ally in Synedrion by Month 2). The priority of this game is to end the Pandoravirus, not unite the world. Their distrust of one another is one of your obstacles to overcome, but not resolve. Having at least one enemy gives you a huge advantage though (because raiding their tech/materials/food gives you +800 each while also being easier, compared to Scavenge/Missions that give you around +200-300 each).

The factions are split up around the World as you can see, but they’ll be heavily collected in 3 locations. (For me, it was Anu in Africa, New Jericho in North America, and Synedrion in Asia mostly, with random havens scattered about). Defending all havens isn’t necessary, it just leads to some minor changes in how the game progresses. Some of the havens are significantly stronger than the others and can defend themselves (and attack later on as well).

Who you end up allying with is of no consequence. You can even go to war with everyone. Trying to be friends with everyone really is a possibility as well, but I think but it’s not meant to be easy or necessary, and you’ll see why.

Scanning and exploring mostly around mist outbreaks (as they occur, once every few days) will allow you to more likely discover all potential havens that can be attacked and give yourself the opportunities to defend them, even if they’re not your ally.

15-20 hours in game. What is on the top left corner as far as priorities go? Try to accomplish that “Quest List” so to speak and it’ll progress your game. If certain missions are too far away, make it your priority to reach that mission asap and position area scans to get there (or consider stealing a further-flying vehicle).

At 49 rep you get a mission or two, and once completing you unlock that faction’s research they’ve completed (but still have to go into the Research screen and click it). At 74 something similar happens, but you now gain full access to their tech tree and can choose to research their tech with/without them.

Become available later on. Once the havens finish Elite Training Centers, they begin making elite troops… but they slowly pop up over the campaign.