The Old Man of The Sea story

Hi guys,
What do you think about that story? Is it about some form of Disciples of Anu? Or maybe those are just some people who believe that one of DoA people called as Grandfather can help them or heal them or something like that? Because as DoA they must have been not mutated, to nermally function in bigger english society. They lived on some normal street, but they gathered in Cordelia’s home once a year.

Btw if she was 27 years old then and if we start the game in 2045 then she will be like 77 years old at the moment. Is she still alive? Is she someone important in DoA structures and hierarchy? Or maybe she is servant of PV? Or would be recruited by NJ as some expert in the virus matters? Maybe I’m exaggerating possibilities here?

Not an actual Disciple, more a “proof of concept”. It’s just showcasing a similar mechanism from the inside I think. Iirc, Grandfather becomes part of the gestalt, rather than remaining part of humanity. I think the DoA don’t get that far. Apologies if I’m getting details wrong, I haven’t read it since it came out.

There is a story in particular that tells about the formation of the actual DoA faction, with the union of three different cults. I think that the partially mutated humans have been around the earth for quite some time, scattered and disjointed in few small groups (there is also another story with a city that’s mostly composed of hiding mutatans, similarly to Innsmouth). They eventually were unified into a faction by a Pandora-related entity which is an antagonist to the infection in some way (see the Big Egg incident).

Right, but suburbs of London might be too exposed area for living for such mutated society. And would the DoA went to the sea as Grandfather? Isn’t that trait of Pandora Virus servants like in Dotada story?

You talk about Fragments of Knowing. They were servants of Exalted, and this Exalted probably called to the mutant at the end of Big Egg incident.

As for that story they probably weren’t even fully aware of what they were, it’s not like you had old uncle crabman, aunt Sentinel and big sister Crabqueen. Other groups may had more evident mutations. It’s also possible that they later didn’t even regroup as DoA and the call of the sea was the Pandora, not the DoA entity and the ended up as the other people who walked into the sea later on.

Ok. That seems legit. :wink:

Exactly. The exalted is most probably related to the Pandora virus in some way but has its own agenda.

Maybe goal is the same (to unite all living things and have control, at least partial, over it and present it to Anu), but he/she likes human individualism and using people’s opportunism want to outperform old strain of the virus and in some way preserve the Earth as it likes.

Some of the hypothesis concerning this entity is that it’s a survivor of the precursor race who defeated the virus in the old days and was infected. The discussion on the Mesopotamian mythology can, hower, complicate a bit the relationship between humans, precursors and pandora virus depending on which interpretation you use for Gods and demigods. I suggest you the Lore videos of Retcon Raider, it gives some good keys for the lore interpretation.

I know them, but who knows if Retcon Raider is correct. :slight_smile: