The legend of Ft. Bacon?

So, I am playing a game where a known pandoran citadel has wrecked every haven within its radius and begun attacking my nearby base quite steadily. I was low on tech to make new sniper magazines, and so in desperation I had my soldiers begin employing the NS-Athena weapon reserves I had on hand rather than the gugnirs.

To my surprise, a sniper heavy athena-equipped defense team worked quite well. One by one I was able to paralyze the attackers in an exciting hit and run fallback battle. And at the end I had captured myself several arthons and tritons, which I was then able to convert into a hefty supply of much-needed food.

And thus Ft. Bacon was born. Since at least for the time being the citadel had no more havens to attack, I backed up the base with a full complement of defenders armed with paralysis snipers and pistols, and soon every time the pandorans attacked my troops earned themselves a feast of panda meat.

Of course, it does tie down a lot of manpower to defend the base so heavily, and critical tech supplies mean that I am running out of NS ammunition as well. But for the moment, it seems to be holding and I confess I am enjoying the lore portion quite thoroughly. I can finally stop stealing food from the hapless Anu havens and come by it honestly (saving raiding party efforts for tech raids).

Anyone else built their own Ft. Bacon?