The Exalted can't move in end game

So I’m in the end game cleaning up the first round when The Exalted gets some virus pips from a Siren. She can’t move for the rest of the scenario even when fully restored. I may be mistaken, but I think this means I can’t actually finish the game.

Round 2. Once again my Exalted can’t move. This time she has taken no damage that I can tell, has most of her will, and full action pips. WTF.

Where is she standing ? The gate area is pretty buggy and sometimes characters cannot move through it even when its open.

I think cases like this are best reported using F12 in-game since it sends a savegame and screenshot to the devs.

It isn’t that she is blocked at the gate (saw those posts); she has 0 movement point in info. The movement points never get restored.

sent F12 too.

I did end up finishing the scenario/game by running through from a previous save on the second try. Something tells me it is related to those buggy mind fraggers, but that is just a WAG.