Stutter step bug

Know how you stop movement every time you spot an enemy? That’s great! (I’d like an option to turn it off though in some levels).

You will sometimes lose a square of movement if that happens repeatedly.

In the final level I had to send a ‘scout’ in to eat up the movement penalties before I could send my room clearer in, since he needed his full movement to position correctly.

I concur. The feature is great (albeit annoying when there are many enemies to detect), but it shouldn’t eat momentum. I suspect this is just a rounding error in the code and could be addressed. If it is intended, then it should also be possible to “sprint” or something so that if I have to get to a specific location I can be guaranteed that I will actually end up there.

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I like it as part of the normal movement mechanics (or rather, I’m fine with it) but it sucks that it applies to Dash too. That’s not really on as it fucks with players’ tactics after they’ve already spent WP on whatever play they were trying to make.

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Yep, maybe something like add slo-mo everytime soldier spot the enemy while ‘dash’ and keep continue to get to the specific location.