Terror from the Void 1.0 has been released!

After more than 18 months in open beta, we are thrilled to present a comprehensive mod for our favorite TBT game, Phoenix Point!

Watch the Trailer!

Available for Steam and Non-Steam versions.

  • A complete reworking of the Phoenix Point campaign, with new characters, story, events and reports, and integrated and rationalised in-game lore, including a revamped Oneiric Delirium from the original release. Written by and for sci-fi horror fans!

  • Completely redesigned classes, focusing on sharply defined fighting roles and strong class identities, and on removing and rebalancing overpowered synergies from the vanilla classes.

  • Fight the nightmarish doubles and replicas of your deceased comrades! Revenants are special Pandoran combat forms invested with the mutilated consciousness of your fallen heroes – they will hunt you relentlessly over the course of your campaign!

  • Modular campaign settings, with both very easy and nightmarishly difficult settings, and more than 20 toggles that allow you to fine tune your playthrough to your liking.

  • Total rework of Legacy of the Ancients; redesigned missions, automata, and ancient weapons, with unique mechanics and reworked lore integration.

  • Total rework of Kaos Engines; massively expanded marketplace that will now sell you faction research, rebalanced Kaos weaponry, and mercenary soldiers with unique gear and abilities! Vehicles and modules have undergone an extensive redesign, with a focus on expanding and specialising their roles over the course of a campaign.

  • All other DLCs have been rebalanced or reintegrated.

  • A series of UI changes and QOL improvements - loadable soldier loadouts, helmet visibility toggles, and more!

  • A reworked final mission, with new mechanics and access to unique support troops depending on your factional alliances.

  • Void Omens! Semi-randomised modifiers to your strategic campaign, that represent humanity’s slide into a waking nightmare.

  • AI fixes, a stealth overhaul, over 50 vanilla bug fixes, and many, many more features. TERROR FROM THE VOID is a true reimagining of the vanilla experience from the ground up, made by fans who love Phoenix Point.

Steam Workshop: Steam Workshop::Terror from the Void (TFTV) OPEN BETA
GitHub (for non-Steam users): GitHub - Voland163/TFTV: Terror from the Void mod for Phoenix Point
Discord: Terror from the Void (Phoenix Point Mod)

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