Techstatic - is this art?

I wanted to make an illustrated gallery of the maps but I gave up after taking forever to make this.
However, I feel it still has some artistic merit. What do you think?

I don’t know much about art, but I know what I like

Nice job Clef :slight_smile:

I always wished that you could zoom out to this extent in game.

My idea was to illustrate your list of 6-player match ups, showing the starting positions etc.
But it ended up being quite slow to stitch up the pictures…
I did take many of them for some of the other maps, but did not complete combining them into a whole like in this case.

It’d be great to see them with the starting positions numbered according to turn order.

What part of it is taking the most time? Is it lining up the separate images, getting the viewing angles to match, or something else?

I remember there was an application on Linux which stitched similar pictures together to create panoramas. I wonder if something like that would help here? I’ll have to look it up - it began with an “h”

I guess it may be the same program I used, called Hugin. It is intended to combine pictures into a panorama. However the info I found on how to use it only refered to combining actual pictures taken outside, horizontally, instead of horizontal AND vertical like I did. It searches for reference points like terrain or architecture features matching in the pictures and then uses those as an anchor to combine them. I tried to use “terrain features” in the maps as reference but the software tended to find similarities too easily because the hexes look too perfectly like each other. So in the end I had to be manually correcting all the time.

The short version of it is: I don’t have experience using software to stick many small pictures into a larger one (I bet this would be trivial for someone who works editing pictures). Getting the viewing angles to match perfectly seems to be impossible so I didn’t even try, but I ended up liking the resulting “distorted” perspective.

Yes that was the one. I see you’re well ahead of me!