Chaos Ops (A concept of Chaos Reborn version Nexus Ops)

Just thought I’d share these, as I’ve been sitting on them with no idea when I’d go about using them.

Essentially, my goal was to mash up the theme and appeal of Julian Gollop’s Chaos Reborn with Nexus Op’s game engine (link here:

Link to Chaos Ops Assets:…

I didn’t get around to writing the ruleset down, but the general changes involved:
-A wizard character that you walk around the map and could act as a spawning location for creatures (Could also get killed in combat, which would provide another lose/win condition)
-A huge roster of various creatures to use that’d be shuffled each game to (each player picking a random monster from each tier)
-A shortage of miniatures/tokens in supply, to curb this, a creature on a recruit location/share tiles with the wizard could become “enchanted” (by paying their purchase cost). You’d flip a token to indicate this and the creature would essentially act as 2 units, reverting to “normal” status once hit. (Note: You have the potential of players competing for limited creatures in supply )
-Unit rings: each player has about 26 or so rings of their colours in which they slip around unit tokens on the board, which designate who the creatures belong to.
-Lots of different exploration tiles to add some geography and mess around with the recruiting mechanics (gaining access to more creatures to recruit form)
-Otherwise, alot of it will be recognizable from base Nexus Ops (just rethemed), examples including:
a)money = mana
b)Fungus Forests = Forests
c)Refinery = Mana flux

I originally formatted all of it to fit in the templates, but I don’t think it’ll work unless you got consent from Snapshot games (it is their art afterall) That said, the art was essentially picked up from ingame screenshots, marketing packages, website stuff, etc.