Why not playing as other 3 sides?

Game gets nicely balanced, kudos for introducing Pandorian research, all little tweaks and bugfixes. Game is good, and it turns to be better with each iteration of fixes. Even itsreplayability as single player game is good - map gets random, you can craft your own a bit different way, most of re playability value is on alligning with one of other 3 fractions since beginning.

Since story behind fractions is well developed, as well as goals and tech tree, in fighting (or embracing) Yugottian future, what remains open is could we … play as other fractions? What is stopping us:

  • Poor and underdeveloped PP fraction: OK, you could start as poor and underdeveloped Syderion. Basic tech tree, just pistols and not even armour at start, with armor to research. You could have your tech tree slowly opening (and independent PP tech tree is what is lacking now - you are too much dependent on fraction alliances). Same way you have 1 base per continent, your fraction could play. You could have one locked hostile fraction you cannot ally to.

  • Goals of fractions in backstory: Well you could have Anu goal of building the temple instead of defeating Yugottian god etc. Basically some goal moding and new animations, since most of mechanics and weapons are already in place

  • Most of challenge comes with how to replace one fraction you play with, with “new mighty PP” since it has so few technologies. It cannot be just “swapped” so new interaction between AI based PP fraction and AI controlled two could be possible

Its not easy goal to reach, and surely could come as last DLC (I know, there are already DLCs promising air combat and underwater missions in line) but would bring kind of ultimate or bigger re playability. And aspect of kind of “Civ like” game to grand strategy, while remaining all the good tactics and mechanics introduced in battle missions.

My 2 cents, surely Gallop and studio will do their magic.

Let’s go one step further… There are those that say that PP is overpowered and need to be nerfed to a peashooter. I say, let us play as Pandorans and beat the snot out of those OP PP guys.

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Really made me laugh :slight_smile: On joke side, we could play as Corona virus then :slight_smile:

I mean, like mind controlling Sirens is not enough :))))

While end soldiers with 2 skill trees and many days and nighs invested and all the techs - weapons and armours combined feel a bit overpowered, there would be a certain joy in being any other fraction. Stories and tech trees and equipment are well developed (“immersive”) so with allying to one we are close to it in the end.

A short cut would be eliminating PP fraction out of picture, starting as one of other 3 instantly in war with Pandorans and one fraction :slight_smile: Certainly a different experience.

Beside joke side, having 3 independent fractions with back stories and tech trees is a biggest innovation on grand scheme and deserves as much credit as bullet and organs battlefield concepts. Its way closer to “Civ” type of game with realistic battles then laser squad type games ever was.