Technical question about the full game

I was wandering about something. In most X-COM like games I played, like XCOM or Xenonauts, all enemy, soldier, items, bases, vehicles, weapons etc were stored in simple text files, that could be easily edited to change how much damage is dealt and so on. And I loved it, spending hours tweaking everything to my liking.

And here’s the question: Will Phoenix Point have that data in a format that allows easy editing, or are the devs planning to hide it in code ?

Oh. And yeah, I know that let’s people cheat if they like, but really because it’s a single player game it’s not a problem for me if somebody else want’s to have it easier.

It will be mod support after launch, I don’t know if that answer your question.

It doesn’t. I’m not asking about mods. I’m asking will I be able to simply change values used in game. Just like in Xenonauts, where all data is stored in plain text .xml or .doc files and I can change how much damage aliens or weapons do, or how much bases cost etc. Without any real modding.

Actually, it partially answers it, considering that the first step yo make your game mod friendly is to expose as many core values as possible in easy-to-edit files. ini edits will take you a long way in FiraXcom.

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Not neccessary, mod friendliness may be achieved through releasing spacial tools for modding. And I’m interested if there will be an easy way to edit values using text editors.

Yeah, you may cling to cumbersome creation kits if your studio starts with “Beth” and ends with “Esda”, but to be fair, more recent products advertised as mod friendly tend to be a tad smarter.

Once again, Snapshot’s commitment to a moddable game doesn’t guarantee ini edits will be a thing, but it’s definitely an argument towards the “probably” side.

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Yeah, I know, but since this is a forum where the devs are present I’m counting for a straight yes/no answer from someone who just knows, not gueses.