Modding tool release

Hi @UnstableVoltage , I have 2 questions.

  1. Do you have estimated time when modding tool will be released for players?
  2. How advanced changes will be possible to implement using this tool?

I want to create more realistic version of gameplay altering many systems in the game (aircraft flight, soldier movement, spotting, environmental destruction and many many more, not just stats of items and abilities), but I wonder if it will be easy to someone not involved in development process and won’t corrupt the game too easily.

I have most of the stats and concepts written, but I don’t want to mess with dll’s of the game.


With such aspiration you should propose your help for the actual dev team, if they concider you skilled enough, to improve the basic state of the game. Joking aside, I hope more ambitious and creative people just like you will arise in this community for the Phoenix Project to prosper!