Tech & Materials generation - what am I missing?

I can create food with a building (I’m mass producing it right now so I can trade with havens for the other resources)

I can create mutagen with a building.

Why can’t I create tech or materials? Seems like those would tie directly to fabrication/research facilities. It’s got the +0 next to it perpetually which suggests that you can find ways to generate it on a regular basis but I have yet to ever see a method of doing so.

There isn’t one currently. The only ways to get them are Scavenging, Trading, or Scrapping existing items.

Edit: Raiding, I forgot raiding.

Cool, thanks for the confirmation. Good to know I was on the right track (trading, defense missions, etc) rather than missing something blindingly obvious.

Later you can also produce Mutagens but I don’t think you can get anything else with it, it only allows do mutations to soldiers, or build (alas pointless) Mutog, For Mutog the one you can buy is a bit less worse.