Materials & Tech resource production needed

Why is it we can build facilities for surplus food but not tech or materials?

And why oh why does the haven trade window make us keep clicking, literally dozens of times, every time we go trade our one producable resource for other needed resources?

I get that there should be trade offs, in base space and choosing what to build or buy, but this system rapidly becomes extremely tedious.

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Agreed I really want to be able to make a self sustaining Phoenix Point Operation.

From what I understood (but not tested myself… lack of Materials :D) is - spamm Food Production and Trade it for everything else… (if you do this from start on you should never run out of ressources) …

yeah I’ve heard that too, but that’s not my point, I want to run PP without NEEDING anyone else for anything, at all. Hell I think we should be able to train our own soldiers.

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If you could produce your own resources then there would never be a reason to raid other factions bases.
Then again i already dont raid bases because food can be traded for everything… Kinda easy to have infinite resources as it is.

TheLuckyAce - Yes I understand that’s possible, but the physical click-spam involved is frustratingly tedious for what then becomes a frequent necessity IF /when you have havens with the resources your require.

Adding a small Materials and Tech resource production to fabrication and research base constructions would reduce the NEED for that frustrating haven trade. Since bases are limited size (as far as I can tell) it’s still a strategic trade off in what you build.

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I have 3 Bases by now… and around 3-6 slots free at every Base after building Living Quarters, Training Stuff and Medical Bays (+ 1-2 Research Labs… which I no longer need as I’m to stupid to catch Enemys alive due to a lack of Weapons… only have the PP Melee Stun thing… and Enemy’s already are to leveled up to stun them with this) so either way it would be far to easy to spamm any kind of resource production. Either Farms and Trade or just Tech/Material/Food … also there are still several bases I did not unlock yet…

So the building spam would make Trade complete useless OR the Building just produce so less ressources that its simply not worth getting it.
Either way, I think the mechanic behind it would be simply bad.

Ressources are just an issue if you a) dont know how to get enough food (like I did in my playthrough) or b) are to lazy to trade

In my Starting Area there are 14 or 15 Havens which are ALL Trade at least one Ressource at a good Rate. I have 3 Ships, two fly around with Squads (7 and 8) while the Starting Ship just travels around trading and collecting new Staff Members. In a second Playthrough I would now also add Food Production and I simply would NEVER ever have a lack of anything.

Honestly, I think it’d help a lot if you could just automate trading to some extent- e.g. just have one manticore trading X food for Y materials per hour/day in return for one aircraft being busy, or maybe having a base structure that lets you have ‘trade routes’ with a certain number of havens.
Agreed though, as is, having to fly around and manually unload food for everything is mostly just tedious micromanagement.

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It wouldn’t hurt the game at all if you could just trade from your base screen as it stands.

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I don’t mind the flying around manually (although automating that would be great), but not being able to produce ANY tech or materials, and having to click-click-click… for every trade… drives me nuts.

Got a thousand food you want to trade for materials? 6 food for every 4 materials (if you’re lucky)? 166(!!!) clicks later…

Seriously? I’ve tried shift+click, ctrl+click & holding the mouse button down, with no joy. if there’s another trick to save wear on my mouse button
please share!