Resources and generation

I find myself struggling with resources, as they only means of acquiring them are through trade, scavenging and haven defence. Once I’ve used up the nearby scavenging sites I’m reduced to going further and further from my base to find new resources or wait for havens to be attacked. It is possible to get large amounts of resources easily, but they go quickly especially when building facilities and vehicles. It makes it difficult to build new equipment and to keep my troops stocked.

Now, I’ve not seen everything in the game. So i’m unaware if there’s anyway to generate resources passively, other than food. So I’m going to be writing as if this isn’t in the game. Because It would benefit the player greatly, being able to generate their own resources.

Perhaps each Phoenix base gives a small amount of tech and materials by default or they’re generated by the manufacturing plant building. It doesn’t have to be much as small amounts can add up. It’ll give the player more incentive to find bases. It’ll also make the bases more useful overall, since the number of build slots are randomised. Finding new bases just drains my resources, it would also be a benefit if finding a base would give the player a cache of resources.

I think another good addition to help the player with resources would be to give scavenging sites multiple uses. The idea behind that is you come across sites of various sizes. So it takes multiple deployments to find clear them out. This gives the player a choice to make, do they go in several times in a row and tire their soldiers out or save them for later?

Passive resource generation will also help the player when it comes to trading for resources. In my sessions I’ve resorted to trading food for materials. Since food is the only resource I’ve been able to produce passively or amass large quantities of.

I think these could be great additions to the game, it would remove the hard wall a lack of resources presents. It’ll also encourage the player to experiment with new equipment by softening the blow of wasting resources on a inferior piece of equipment.

I think (!) there is a way to get some resource generation bonuses via research?
I had a chance to chose between Mist Repellers and ‘some very important plant’ project while I was talking with Synedrion.
Because I decided to go after Mist Repellers I can only guess that the second project is a Food Bonus facility?

The only research I’ve seen is increasing food production. Through the disciples fungal growth project. I’ve yet to see a facility or research that gives passive resource generation.

Research gives the player caches of resources, which strikes me as a little odd. So, I got 100 materials out of autopsying a worm? Why doesn’t each worm I kill give me materials? XD

It seems this is another feature the game is missing. Trade should regularly generate some resources, and you should be able to make structures that generate such. They wouldn’t need to generate a lot, just enough to keep you going.


I had another thought about the suggestions I made earlier. I was thinking the system could be that Phoenix bases generate resources based on their size. (not sure if they do come in different sizes as I’ve not managed to develop my bases much due to a lack of resources.) Then manufacturing plants, would then boost production by a percentage. This feature could be expanded on and encourage players to specialise bases to maximise their potential. For example what If a base was a R&D facility that gave a bonus to research stations within it. What If a base generated food by itself and could be increased by a food facility, where as in bases that don’t produce food the food facility would act as normal. I think there’s a lot of potential here, which would also give more incentive to players to find bases.

Hey :slight_smile:

As of now the only ways to generate resources (that i know) are;

-doing missions (especialy resources sites and haven defenses)
-while looking for missions, some random (textual) event will frenquently give a bunch of free stuff, without even have to fight
-While exploring again, some npc give you random secondary quest, most of the time, they pay really well for relatively easy mission.
-while friend enough with factions they give a researsh that upgrade a little the resource gained
-Doing researsh, actualy give some mats in the process for most researsh, especialy the new species autopsy / main quest researsh.
-Disasembling old gear also give back a portion ( 50% i think?) of of the itme price, witch is not so bad. 2 old weapons can more or less fund a new one ;p
-Raiding a faction base can land a bunch of loot too, while not lowering that much the faction love toward you (definetly won’t “farm” them that way but a raid or two doesn’t hurt that bad.)
-Trading is the last resort for me, it’s way too inefective as the factions just ask absurd exchange rate

Also, you have to click the trade button hundreds of times, to exchange any decent amount.

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I thank you for your input, I am aware of the various ways to get resources. I just think that having the player passively generate small amounts themselves is a needed addition to help keep things rolling and to keep the player out of tight spots.

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