Synedrion 'Stop the Malthusians' Mission far too easy

This feels true of all the Diplomacy Missions so far, but by the time we get to this mission, our squad is already at Lvl 7 and it just turns into yet another turkey shoot.

The Malthusians have a lovely defensive position, but they completely squander it by charging out at us as we set up OW screens and pick them off one by one.
It would be much better if they took up defensive positions and forced us to come to them.
Ideally, much as I don’t like timers on missions, we should have to winkle them out before they set off some Maguffin Device, like an old Nuke they’ve rearmed, or a mutated strain of the Pandoravirus that ups the ODI by 10% - something to up the tension and force us out of our comfort zone.

Make it different and dangerous! Not just a repeat of the same old, same old that we’ve been churning through in the rest of the game.

[And bear in mind, this comes from the point of view of one of PP’s strongest defenders]