Advice needed please

Hi, in last game i did a number of missions for Synedrion faction and cleared my first nest, everything going well. Then Synedrion offered me a special mission that was described as being time bound. So i thought best do that next!

I ended up against some Rafa Baron & Hasan characters that seemed way over powered for my team. My assaults could not damage them at all as they had 30 armour and rifles do 30 damage.

I could hurt them with Heavy and Sniper, but not enough as Heavy often missed and they used medkits. In the end i managed to use assault to destroy some of their weapons, but still took a real beating.

Is this a fight where i should wait till i have better weapons? Is the fight really time bound? At the stage i engaged them i had not found any weapon upgrades from research.

Maybe i could have beaten it if id concentrated on destroying their weapons from the beginning, but this fight was way harder than anything else i had encountered up till that point as 2 thirds of my team could not inflict damage. Any feedback or advice is welcome! Ta.

The mission gave no indicator this would be a hard fight haha!

If I am correct this is 75% diplomacy mission.
Bring Heavy with Fury 2 and at least 4 rockets. Explosives will destroy weapons and (slightly) damage their weapons. then hit torso to eliminate regeneration. done.

Yeah, i’ve done the mission yesterday. I don’t have much new/good tech, it is manageable just don’t try to kill them with PP assault rifes, go with snipers, hel cannon, explosives.

They are tough but the mission isn’t that hard.

I used my snipers from a distance to disable their arms. Two shots with “quick aim”, starting with their snipers. My assaults had shotguns (something you should buy once your assaults have dash) so could do at least a bit of damage. And the heavy’s grenade launcher (also a must buy).

And I think that what you’re describing is the first mission for Anu. And the mission isn’t a limited time offer even though the guy tells you to make up your mind quickly.