First survive 5 turns mission

So I got my first survive 5 turns mission.

Every turn ticks over, all your soldiers only get ‘half’ a turn while they get surrounded and swarmed by aliens. Great idea and I love the concept of a new mission type… but…

All soldiers only get half a turn. I have 2 snipers, 2 assault and 2 firecat troops. The snipers and firecats need 3/4 of a turn to fire, leaving me with only 2 assaults that can fire once per mission or move. It looks like it would be a hell of a challenge even with everyone getting a full turn per round. The swarm is strong! Only having 2 assaults with a turn between them it is totally impossible. :frowning:

Like I was saying, I love the concept and it looks like a great challenge but they need to fix the way it plays out. Maybe letting the player only move OR shot each turn will have the same effect they are trying to pull with the 1/2 turn. At least this would allow us to use all soldiers in the mission.


Been in such missions many times. Sounds as a bug, as I never experienced that every one in the team has half action points. Also, are you sure your soldiers are not tired ? (I think its when they have stamina or whatever drops below 10). When some1 becomes tired he/she has less action points in combat.
Personally, liked these missions too, as usually we start at the edge of the map and must proceed forward, in such missions I found myself in the middle of the map, surrounded. So it s easier to attack, as one can attack in any direction :slight_smile:
Also would like to suggest an option to choose the starting point for every mission, maybe, except for bases attack or survivals.


You are right Bhaa… a bug it is.

I gave up after several goes and went back to the main geoscape to try another mission… all the soldiers only have 1/2 a turn in that one and then 3 more… My game has bugged out :frowning:

Hopefully just my save game.

Your soldiers are just exhausted. Check their stamina. :slight_smile:

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I don’t mind these missions, I make sure all my men all have shot guns and plenty of ammo for them, then you run right up to them and shoot them in the face BOOM… gone! Do this to make a hole to were you have better cover, then use the same method to wipe the map I usually have it all cleared by round two! have not had to do all 5 rounds for a long time