Pure Synedrion Tech Mission Feedback [SPOILERS]

Just did the timed mission where the Pure attack the Synedrion cyber-tech lab - can’t remember its name.

TBH, I found it a tad underwhelming. It was yet another ‘kill everthing’ mission, which made it feel much the same all all the others.

I also didn’t like being forced to fight Synedrion, who I’d been keeping onside until then. It’s not like I was given a choice - it was just: “You have to fight everybody,” so there wasn’t any player agency or moral decision-making involved.

I think the mission would feel much better if instead of ‘Kill them all’ the Objective was a Capture the Flag mission, where you had to get to a target point within the Lab Building. Standing on that point would open a ‘crate’ containing the Cyber-Tech Files, which you’d have to pick up - and picking up the Files would trigger an ‘Evacuate the Research’ sub-Objective, where you either had to carry the Files out of the Evac Zone or prevent the Pure from evac’ing with the Files.

Also, it would make things much more interesting if you were told that Synedrion soldiers would not attack you unless you attacked them first OR picked up the Cyber-File.

The mission would end if:
EITHER: you Evac’d with the File - which would trigger the Synedrion Cyber-Tech Research
OR: you killed all the Pure without having triggered the ‘Evac the File’ sub-Objective - which would not trigger the Synedrion Research, but would give you one random Synedrion Cyber-implant to assign to one of you Squad.

That would make the mission feel very different to the usual mass slaughter, and would give the player some real choices and decisions to make within the context of the storyline.

Just my two-penn’orth