Syclla 3 Blaster Cannons With Only 2 Arms

Kinda confused how a Scylla can have 3 Blaster Cannons but only 2 arms to man such. ??? I must be missing something.

Those are types of attacks. Two are single arm shots. Third is shot from both arms.


Well I just learned something, I’d been bothered by this too!

Nice theory, but doesn’t quite hold up. Same applies to Scylla’s Smasher. They only have 2 arms for the Smasher, but there are 3 showing up in the info. I disabled both arms and there is still a healthy smasher showing in info. If the 3rd is supposed to be combined attack, how can it still have a combined attack with no Smashers?

holds for the bug of UI

Is it a UI bug? Or does the game think it still has a Smasher. In theory, wounding a Scylla and removing its abilities for offense should make it retreat. This Scylla (even without its spawning abdomen refused to retreat, even though it was severely wounded.