QoL request - Tabbing between moving units

Allowing us to tab between our units as one is moving would speed up the pace of gameplay a bit.

Right now when we send a unit to a new position we have to wait until the entire move is finished before being able to tab to another unit and issue it a command as well.

It would be nice to be able to tab to the next unit and issue it a command as the previous unit is executing its command, and on down the line as fast as you are capable. Not only would it speed up gameplay a bit, but it also just looks cool to see several of your units moving around simultaneously if you can micro fast enough.



Yeah, I used to do this all the time in the xcom games and I found myself trying to do it a lot in phoenix point. It would be a nice little addition to the game.

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+1 to this very much

+1 to this very much

I’m not sure if it is possible to implement for 2 reasons:

  • ballistic system of overwatch and dynamically destroyed cover.
  • spotting enemies mechanic which stops your soldier’s movement.

I suppose that movement must end and all above systems must check all they need before they will allow you to act with other unit.

What @Yokes says is true, though Firaxis did find workaround, though I don’t know how hard to implement it is:

F’s XCOMs know in advance if you will run into an enemy or overwatch and allow you to make/not-make new moves accordingly.

A system which accelerates uneventful moves, but brings attention to things when they happen would be nice - though it does sound like a fairly complex thing to do to me.