How does everyone feel about the final mission? (possible spoilers inside)

Hey guys,

So ive just completed the game with New Jericho ending. Ive put in abit more gaming time the last few days because I want to complete the game before the upcoming content patch and DLC.

And to put it bluntly… The final mission killed all of the excitement I had about doing a playtrhough for each ending. I absolutely HATE the final mission. Its a tough fight, but not because the entity is well designed and makes for an engaging fight. Its not tough because the entity is an apex creature and it keeps you on your feet and makes you fight it in different ways. (well it does make you fight it differently but in a bad way…) that you havent seen before and are fun and engaging.

No, this fight is hard because it just marks you each turn and then cowers behind its shields covering 90% of the bloody thing. The marks dont end and are pernament and eventually just grind you down. When I noticed that the marks werent temporary and were actually pernament I had half of my group marked already and rushed them all in, in the hopes that id still have a squad left by the time that they got close enough.

No ,this fight is hard because it shuts down certain tactics. Its resistance to fire, acid and poison is ‘only’ 75% but that effectively makes those types of damage outright useless against it. Because…its healthpool is just borderline insane. And if 75% of your damage is outright ignored theres not much point in using that type of damage. Leaving just…well…normal attacks to kill it. A. Whole. LOT. Of attacks. Because it has 10k hp…

Its not just resistant to damage either. It completly ignores virus damage (admitted, it makes sense that it does, but you still see Willpower beeing drained but it doesent seem to do anything?), dazing it doesent effect it, disabling any of the tentacles, eyes or whatever dident seem to do much either. It says it lowers the total health but if it did, its efffects were so minimal I dident notice. Probably because the healthpool is so large… It takes no bleed damage whatsoever. Apparently it has no blood in it?

The massive HP pool itself wouldnt be much of a problem if you could just engage it. I could probably kill it in like 3 turns. But, again; it plops down walls blocking 90% of the angles of attack against it making you incapable of attacking it. It just kinda sits there. It excists. And each turn it marks something.

This is not an engaging fight. This is the exact opposite of that. It doesent invite multiple attempts because this mission took me 2 hours to complete, was boring and it was annoying. In comparison, the first time I ran into a Scylla was alot more engaging. It was so massive compared to the rest of the Pandorans and while ive found plenty of counters to them since that first encounter. THAT felt alot more like a boss fight then…this thing. Did.

Ive got the sneaking suspicion that the only thing different between the faction endings is which cut scene you get afterwards? If thats the case then yeah no thx im not enclined to do it again anytime soon.

How do you guys feels about this final mission?


Ending of mission is tricky. But when you know what to do it is not so demanding. Still it is different than anything else discovered in the game and require some coordination and preparation:

disabling its eyes has huge impact (it leaves it with 600 HP, not 9600). After these few hits (10 * 100 HP) you can kill Receptacle with another few shots of an assault rifle.

It would be just little tougher Scylla which would not make it real challenge.

But I get your point. I’m not really into finishing this mission again in next playthroughs.

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About your spoiler: I did that and it dident work. Maybe it bugged out for me? Anyway I still managed to kill it and it beeing difficult or not wasent my point per se. But more the overall feeling of the fight.

It just feels so completly off. And it doesent feel like a cosmic horror but more of a nuisance that you have to deal with. And I think thats a shame.


Yeah, it’s not very good. Maps have improved a lot since release, the newer the map the better it is, generally, and Palace is a very old map.

Personally I dislike more the start of the mission rather than the YE; those Gatekeepers are there just waiting to be massacred.

On release Mark of the Void didn’t work, so the YE was basically a giant artichoke waiting to be murdered. Thus when Mark of the Void started working I felt it was a big improvement :slightly_smiling_face:

Most likely you didn’t notice, because each eye removes under 10% of the HP bar :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyway, if anyone is having trouble with last mission Final Mission - (massive spoilers, of course)

When it died its healthbar said like 7.6k hp total hp and I disabled so many eyes and tentacles I lost count, hence why I think it might have bugged up somehow.

I do suppose its better that it fights then having it not fight back but im not sure if this ‘mark of the void’ would be the route that I would have gone for.

I think the final mission and final boss fight have a lot of room for improvement. There really needs to be more of a sense of ceremony, gravitas and suspense in how the final mission and final boss fight are presented, I find the whole vibe of the final mission/boss fight just comes across as really bland and flat in its current presentation.

The Yuggothian Receptacle needs a more varied set of attacks and abilities where it can use several different types of psychic powers and tentacle attacks against operatives, not just Mark of the Void. There also needs to be proper final mission and final boss fight music tracks that convey a ‘**** just got real’ sense of dread, seriousness and suspense at the prospect that you’re about to fight the host body of an eons-old eldritch alien god. Having a short in-mission cutscene play when operatives are about to confront the Yuggothian Receptacle where it tries to communicate with the operatives to convey just how puny and doomed they are, would help improve it as well.

For comparison, there is a final boss fight (the Tchort boss fight) in an ultra low budget turn-based RPG called Underrail that has a very similar final boss to the Yuggothian Receptacle, but the presentation and gameplay of it is much better. Have a look on Youtube for it if you can find a video of it where it doesn’t just show off the final boss being defeated in one or two turns using cheesy character builds.

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