Danforth and the Mark of the Void

From the patch notes: Fixed an issue where the Yugotthian Entity can cause 0 damage with its Mark of the Void ability

They also made it so the Priests with Psychic Ward no longer protect units, or themselves for that matter, from being hit with the Mark of the Void. This has made the final mission nigh impossible and possibly totally impossible.

This was the patch that added reinforcements to scavenging missions, but a bug meant human enemies don’t have reinforcements and another bug meant most of the scavenging missions were against humans.

It also added recruitment every three days. But if you do a mission the timer resets.

Would this be a surprise in any way?

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I didn’t get there myself yet, but I believe @etermes said he didn’t have much trouble. Perhaps he can suggest something.

I replied to @mcarver2000 message in Discord,

My soldiers suffered MotV , but I dealt with that using a few med kits (virophague) and Technician VVA2 Arms.

At the end, using assault/heavies with Deceptor + RB or Harrower, and snipers support , 1-2 turrets was enough to kill the Entity before further damage doing the same to my soldiers.

I can record Palace mission , but as you know is one of the easiest mission in the game.

I can’t play more than a couple hours a day, and I’m mid February right now, so it will take me a while to get there.

Of course without MoV it was absurdly easy.

@mcarver2000 did you ever have any luck with Mental Ward on any other mission? Does it do anything?

Psychic ward is working as intended with other enemies (except Yuggothian Entity),

at least tthe last time I used a Priest, the same for enemies with a Priest in their ranks

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What does it do exactly? I recall using it in Derleth in a Lair. It didn’t stop loss of WPs from Psychic Scream, and it didn’t prevent panic either.

Oh yes, soldiers could lose WP, but not panicking, and they get protection against Mind crush


Thx, so it’s not meant to stop Psychic Scream - it’s meant to prevent psychic damage to HPs only. And that’s only Mind Crash and MoV, but apparently it doesn’t work with the latter at the moment.

About preventing panic, does it work like Frenzy (doesn’t allow the WPs to go below 0)?

I think so

So, when is the hotfix to address this coming out?

To address what exactly?

Psychic Ward not protecting against Mark of the Void.

But it is a feature, not a bug.

??? A feature that doesn’t do what it claims to do is a bug, in my book. If Psychic Ward isn’t intended to prevent psychic damage, why does the information say it does?

It is a bug and has been reported, and is being worked on. There will be a patch to deploy it, but I have no date at the moment.


Skill that negates last boss attack… And do it passively without any work done by the player… Ok… I’m not a designer. But I like it the way it is right now.

Well, the player must work to keep their units under the umbrella of protection. So it’s not totally passive. If you are happy with the way it is, don’t use priests. It’s as simple as that. It’s been recognized as a bug, accept it.

yeah yeah, don’t use Rage Burst, don’t use Priests, don’t use skill multiple times, don’t use multiclass soldiers, don’t use Electric Reinforcements, etc. Or maybe others should learn how to play and developers should balance game right to make it tactical and believable.

We are talking here about fight with final boss - it shouldn’t be easy and cheesy.


You are welcome to play any way you want to. Even go in with no armor and only use original pistols if you want. But when an element of the game is broken, the devs need to know. As it stands, the final mission is a bullet sponge bore. 2 buffed Scyllas, buffed Sirens, the final boss, etc.

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