Suggestion: Chance to be downed instead of dieing

In war most casualties are not lethal. Usually soldiers are injured and incapacitated. Instead of our soldiers always dieing could they have a chance to be downed with a secondary hitbar?The soldier will bleed out until a medkit is used to stabilize them. They will also be vulnerable to being shot and killed while down. Downed soldiers can be carried by their teammates to extraction points or be left behind if you need to retreat. Downed soldiers need a long time to heal at the base before they can fight again.

Would a soldier take as much space in the inventory as an ammo clip?

Well they did fit in the backpack in the original X-com ;), they were dead though, lol.

Probably. That way one person could save the whole squad. They would need to have at least 2-3 encumbrance.

If they’d had an arm off then they’d probably take a bit less space.

This was already in a game some BBs ago. One time last standing soldier, a sniper with a broken arm, finished last two barely standing enemies with pistol, grenaded third one and saved the day as others where just few turns away from bleeding out.

I didn’t bother with the backer build stuff. I’ve been burnt too many times beta testing too many games watching features get stripped out through development and when the game finally got released it was a shell of it’s former self and buggy as hell. This is the feeling I’m getting reading these forums.

Welcome to hell. Great ideas go in the fire.

Agree with all your points. Maybe we should just start our own game studio at this rate? Then again, I’m not sure it’d be easy to compete with Xenonauts 2.