Suggestions for Shooting mechanics

Just a couple wants that I thought of while watching the new videos with the aiming mechanics. It’s a beauty btw! seeing the facility in 1st person is really immersive! I can see myself just going in the view to oggle at the level art.


  1. When auto aiming: having the auto aim simply target for max HP damage would be cool as alot of the time you’ll be focusing on that. This would probably cut down on the time needed in turns as you’d be actually encouraged to use auto aim (keeping the manual aim as a nifty feature for more nuanced tactics)

  2. Bullet Cam: Having an occasional bullet cam would be ace if were talking about building upon the modern xcom. Just simply follow the trajectory for 1 bullet, or when in a folly of bullets, track a random bullet and have the camera stop at the target mutant to give you a good feel of the bullet impact. This ones alot easier said then done, but why not? heh


For the Bullet Cam - Are you talking about something like in Sniper Elite where your POV is the bullet shooting from the gun, flying to the target, and then penetrating the skull and exploding? If so, I like it. Switching up the POVs and getting different views is nice.

I’d like to see a SETTINGS option to adjust how often it happens. Maybe a slider scale from 0% to 100%. If I want a quicker game pace, I can set to 5% or so. If I want to be more immersed and enjoy the scenery, 80% or more.

*scenery = alien crab claw exploding into 100 bits with green goo splattering outwards or Big Mama’s skull plates shattering into jagged shards with an eyeball bursting like a pimple


Their plan is making settings for disabling action cam and the like, so at the very least that’s coming, making that a frequency-slider sounds like an upgrade, I like that.

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I would like to have option for enabling Action Cam only on some rare but important moments - like revealing new enemy, critical hit, headshot, landing shot through the wall, low percentage kill etc. It would make the gameplay reasonably fast paced, but with much more rewarding cutscenes.
I guess the “never / sometimes / often / always” slider for action cam would do just fine.


I’d like to add that while I was watching the Let’s Play video on the main page, I wasn’t thrilled about the sound effects regarding the actual gunfire. The assault rifles sound almost like a toy. I also noticed that hitting enemies seems to generate no reaction animation, which takes away from immersion. For instance, when the soldier flanks the shielded enemy and shoots it from the side, he blasts it, but the enemy does not react at all. Some kind of animation for hits would be great.

I suppose that shot-reaction animations are not yet implemented because of ballistics simulation difficulties? like, if a soldier’s assault rifle first bullet hits an arm, then the arm would start “ragdolling” slowly and might get positioned behind the body (which in turn should move a little too) before the last bullet connects, so the following bullets that should have hit that arm in its initial position might then hit the air or another bodypart. Simulation-wise, if that would be implemented it would be awesome (and frustrating for some players maybe). Programming-wise, I can just imagine the magnitude of the headache the programmer assigned to implement that would have.