[Suggestion] Synedrion ammo mags double as grenades

Most Synedrion ammo magazines are actually power cells for their energy weapons. If, like in WH40k where Imperial Guardsmen could use their Lasgun cells as improvised grenades in a pinch, Synedrion soldiers could throw their own ammo clips as a grenade as well. The increased cost of Synedrion clips vs. others roughly matches with that of actual grenades already, and they take up the same amount of inventory space.

Balancing this would revolve around the fact that ammo can be produced instantly, while grenades take time. Also in how you would need a reason to take regular explosive grenades vs. just bringing Synedrion ammo clips; perhaps you can only use the clips as grenades if you have a Synedrion weapon of that clip type? Also, the damage of the blast would be proportional to the ammo left in the clip.

Or juste change the Odin grenade to act like… A grenade?
Meanings it should do more damage than a rock thrown by my grandma…

While this is too futuristic and they are the most hi-tech fraction, I would like my own soldiers to be able to throw objects like ammo, weapons or needed granades (not explosive, just throw to each other). That would be most helpful if squad splits. And was mechanics present in earliest child named Laser Squad. I miss it.

Also, at those days you could also PRIME granade (set it to explode later then now if needed).