Headshot - BB5 Feedback

So basically disabled head is still a head in use, grenade, rocket, sniper riffle or Hell Cannon is not able to kill anything by hitting it in the head… yeah…

I think headshot (disabled head) should kill at least every humanoid in game. This way we would get a lot of new tactics and much more deadly and dynamic gameplay.

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Now imagine Tritons hiting heads all of your soldiers in their first turn. Funny gameplay it would be. But at least battles would be fast and Snapshot would not have to think how to speed up animation. :wink:

Is it not what snipers are for? :smiley: This way it was working at JA2 and that was awesome when enemies head exploded from snipe shot. Maybe not so awesome when one of Your soldiers head exploded but still cinematic :wink: Yeah I want to see those guys loosing legs and arms in battle so I can put someone in to imperial dreadnought.

I think it is a balance of what makes a game fun vs a simulation. I too was confused that a headshot wasn’t an instant kill. However, if headshots killed, just about everything would be a one shot with the current ranges and accuracy.

Since the game currently doesn’t include evasion such as target speed, it would be hard to balance IMHO.

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I can understand need of balance in game, that is a nesesery point but we still have things like one grenade destroying any kind of weapon on hit even if target is just on the edge of blast radius and yet its not powerful enough to kill anything else then worm. In my opinion modern games focus to much on balance rather then realizm, I think Pandorans need to be OP compering to humans, why are we endanger if they are so ease to kill? However, head shot is head shot, You can survive one, even two, Your armor can reduce hit to non lethal but after precise series from assault rifle or even one precise snip shot, head is just a memory. That is why we need to think before giving orders, why we need tactics to overcome overwhelming enemie forces.

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No :slight_smile: sniper would rather target the centre of mass. Is as deadly as headshot, in addition it’s lure the medic and/or other team members, and still more ‘easier’ to hit.

I know the drill in that matter. But I am asking why not more realizm? Why not more JA2? I personally have enough of bullet sponges in every game. This way there would be less need for all those superpowers. Just let them train their basic skills in combat and put some more realizm to damage.

Because IF you expect that you would be able to kill an alien with single headshot, you HAVE TO expect that it’s working both way. So every bullet, pellet, shrapnel to your head is insta perma death.
And I don’t mind. I’ve spend a lot of time in Escape From Tarkov beta. And I accept this conditions. HOWEVER, in PP it’s typical that you are being targeted by 4 crabmen with GLs at the same time. So if we introduce headshot mechanic… it’s just a wipe.

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Pandorans were “generated” by the virus. They are not aliens coming from an other dimension. The reason why humanity is getting wiped is because the mist plays with the mind of people and they decide to join the sea (to obviously never come back … or as one of the lore stories tells us as Crabmen). If you read the “autopsy” reports, you will see that there is some human in them. The virus reshapes them.

So, we are not getting wiped because the Pandorans are so good, we are getting wiped because we are joining their ranks.

Anu managed to get the virus and mutation without being called to the sea and therefore keeping their free will.

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If head-shots worked, we would all aim for the head and it would be really easy.

In practice it would be single headshot only if that shots depletes head’s healthbar completely. I don’t see a problem with this rule as from the start, most of your soldiers are better armored than enemies and have access to superior gear. One could do a 50/50 chance to be incapacitated instead of outright death.
That could lead to a meta of targeting only head but currently there is not much variety to target anything but weapon arms.

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And virus is alien origin and a biological weapon.

And now we all aim for arm, what the difference? And I am talking about disabled head like in this moment and it’s not as easy, don’t counting QM.

That’s exactly what I am expecting, combat have to be extremely dangerous. Tell me what happened when crabmen with GL hit tile in front of your soldier? Boom, you have no weapon most of the time. You need to put really poor tactic in combat to be aimed by for GL, I am quite shure it is insta death.

No. it’s completely random. I just defended a heaven with crabmen only, and something like 70% of them were GL version

We’ll know the details after the game comes out. The virus might be THE alien and finds a way to spread in the universe.

So for Crabmen, you target the right arm for his main weapon, then the left one if he has a grenade launcher. 2 shots for me usually means the crabman is dead just by shooting center mass (shotgun). The grenade ones are even 1 shot normally.

For triton I target the chameleon or mist generator so I can:

  • get multiple shots on triton without having to move again to find them
  • get a working weapon to scrap and get material. (that’s for those who tipped that we should target their weapon first)
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I had battles when all my enemies was GL crabmen, all I was doing was aim for right arm, throw grenade or launch grenade just to disabled dangerous parts. Like mostly. Heaving a head shot option would just give us wider options.


We know that it is alien origin and a weapon there is research telling us about this.

Mostly I am using heavy with grenad launcher or scarab to get rid of limbs and snipe rest. But I always first aim for GL If there are any.

OK, didn’t arrive at this part yet. Had to restart a campaign. Finally managed to find a second base after crossing the whole american continent. Hopefully I’ll be able to advance more this time.

I was surprised yesterday (now that my heavy has dash and I’ve put lots of points in speed) that I don’t use GL much anymore (just for stupid mist which my “lack of graphics card” doesn’t deal with very well).


It’s funny like after completing that research guys from New Jericho are like “Ha! Told You!”

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This is a spoiler

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