Realistic Reworking of Enemy Strongpoints

I think a way to accomplish a rework would be for Pandorans to spawn from their T1 sites to havens, hold and fortify then expand from them. This would place a more accurate dynamic on the challenges and realities of conquest (unless it is just a torch/burn goal). Nix the T2 spawning sites in general. The havens could be the T2 site. Over time they can increase in their own defense points if left unmolested, expanding their supply lines and pushing forward for additional conquests… T3 sites could then be utilized to drastically reduce the meter as they would become the originating point that had to be worked towards over time through tech and levels to stand a chance at assaulting them while also taking surrounding fortifications into account.

This would completely eliminate the random maze-like level that many times has blockages which trap enemies or do not allow a line of advance for the player’s team of Soldiers. The T3 would then have a set number of enemies (albeit a very large amount) and additional reinforcements based upon the player’s proactivity (or lack thereof).

Enemy reinforcements should be based upon surrounding enemy fortifications, not “just because.” This would allow a more tactical approach. Charging into enemy lines and being surrounded equals dead soldiers. If players did not take out the bases/fortifications around their target then they should be spammed equal to the values of surrounding untouched enemy strongpoints. This would also open up the opportunity for haven sabotage/raiding to be more focused and tactically sound.

It smells the JA1&2 influence, that said I’m not sure that with JA2 enemy teams really travels the map from spawning points.

I’m not sure for your suggestion, what you see as strategy would be more a lot of grinding involved if not forced.

Expanding via use of Havens as a staging post kinda makes sense, but aren’t the oceans already that staging post? - I’m hoping, with DLC, that the final final battle is going to take us underwater somewhere.

I’m with Zzzz, that I’d be concerned about grind if you had to remove all surrounding territories in order to take out the root of the Pandoran threat. I don’t want to see PP become some Civ type game, I think you always need a viable option to go for the source once you’ve detected where it is.

I also would like to see a mission option to retake a fallen PP base, provided it’s not your last one. It need not be a common occurrence, but I think fighting to retake a fallen base would be an interesting experience and would break up the monotony of missions you do.

I once lost a base because my troop ship was an hour too late to arrive to defend it, and it was just wiped off the map. Why can’t I send my squad in to retake it back? Having to repair the facilities is perfectly fine, but I shouldn’t be prevented from mounting an effort to re-take the base.

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I can see it becoming a grind if the enemy strongpoints are left unchecked, but that would encourage a more proactive approach. Granted, management of forces would be kicked up quite a notch.

Just suggestions based on real world experience in the thought process of realism. Strategy would become mandatory with my above suggestion and may very well turn some players off. I totally understand that too. To each his/her own.

(JA1&2 - Unknown reference. I assume it is a game I am not familiar with.)

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