Suggestion: phoenix havens

Allow us to build phoenix point havens on destroyed haven or independent haven locations.

These would have unique techs and buildings, as well as allow you to recruit any class you have unlocked with equipment (has an investment cost.)

Along with this you can build automated defenses, mist repellers, drones, or even just make a nest of ANu mutated creatures that will join any mission in an area around the haven.

This is a simple idea for now, but it has potential.

I do like this idea. It could perhaps take on its own mission chain (Clear out nearby enemy forces mission, salvage nearby machinery mission, protect food/resource drop mission… And then haven is online with a bit of population and a leader (or maybe you appoint the leader)). As well as offering a wider variety of soldiers (or perhaps even being able to direct it to train certain recruit types), it could also offer healing/stamina recovery based on its buildings, and help alleviate some issues that come from having an area with no Phoenix bases around.