My ideas for future Phoenix Point

Hi everyone hope you are all heathy in these times.
I have been playing this sort of game for along time (30+ years) from Laser Squad to XCOM and now Phoenix point and loving it :heart_eyes: ok here goes, let us know what you think…

change the area scan colour so easier to see.

more random recruits to hire from factions not always their special elite or vehicle.

failed missions should have a restart mission option not just back to Geoscape.

why evacute from a citadel when I have killed everything, there is no spawning points on a citadel map just change it to a kill all mission.

mist repellers at havens and your base’s should have an effect on max ODI until that base or haven is destroyed.

haven defence a few faction soldiers might be nice to see them also helping defend, another thing to think about give the civilians brains if i’m being shot at I am going to duck or run for cover or even grab a gun and shoot back not just stand there.

add some sort of numeric number keypad on the manufacture tab to type in how many items you want,
(thinking of my mouse press 3 keys is better than 100 clicks of the mouse).

where is subject 24 at the pure stronghold? I want his jacket lol, come on guys a bit more effort please he’s the main character in a DLC and someone else kills him? I know it wasn’t my soldiers.

propeller legs really needs some work, needs a bit more height and distance, It would be nice to use as a replacement for a heavy losing their jumpjet skill cause some idiot replaced their chest with cybernetics

a option to bash/break windows instead of shooting them. also allow to shoot the window when standing next to it.

free aim to allow for stepping out of full cover to take a shot, I hate having to use IA aim cause all I see is my cover in free aim.

more item and weapon bonuses from combining research like the Gungnir-SR2, Technician laser PDW, Ragnorrc mount and Virophage kit after we have reversed engineered a item/weapon, hellcannon-2 virophage anybody? lol or a manticore/Tiamat.

increase number of attacking faction units on normal difficulty.

completing Virophage injector research should be -125 diplomacy not a poxy 75

Technician VVA arms should have viro heal upgrade.

Virophage ammo upgade for weapons.

Robotic voices for our soldiers with cybernetic heads.

that’s it for now if I think of anything else I will add it.

what about you? do you agree? whats your view?

good observations but I have few questions and comments.

There is more of you than one? Or maybe you discuss things with your better half, like I do? She also plays tactical games. :wink:

For me it is ok. I would like them to change range of influence of havens and bases. Sometimes this border is hard to spot.

You mean in mission summary screen? I think it should only be available on easy difficulty. On higher difficulties player should accept his defeat (if not then he should load save game if he is not playing an ironman mode).

It is a bug which came with changes to Lair missions.

But mist is different thing than ODI. Repelling mist in not countering ODI. Spoiler about lore and research: Mist are microbes in the air which can be repelled. ODI is representation of mental power of aliens. You don’t repel mental power in any way from your base. You destroy alien bases which are relays for that mental power, but currently impact is hard to spot.

This is planned if you weren’t aware of it.

civilians were running around in last Backers Build, but players were frustrated that they block paths. So now they mostly stay where they are. And from where they would need to grab gun? I haven’t seen any lying aroung?

just me and the pc (my better half) the you was directed to the reader.

yeah that’s what I mean makes it hard to scan the world with as less scans possible resources could be spent on more important things like ammo.

yes but not just easy, the players should have a choice on any difficulty. as for ironman mode that should be like xcom2 an option to use with difficulty level. a mission could fail because a bug or some other thing outside a players control.

oops ok forget that one.

yeah that would be frustrating would be nice if it worked. as for the gun part well

plus you got those crates laying around and its their haven :smile:

But there are mostly just ammo :wink:

About restart button you may be right.

true I think that should be changed, the maps should have a odd faction weapon laying around somewhere if a soldiers weapon is destroyed he can hope to find a replacement weapon and that they are trained to use it instead of evac’ing them