Haven Raiding Not Limited and thus OP

Raiding havens seem to be too easy and we seem to be able to raid the same haven and same district multiple times in a row without increase in difficulty

This seems like the simplest and fastest way to get resources but I assume is not intended

1.Damage ditricts after raid so that they cannot be raided twice in short order
2. Increase difficulty of missions across the entire haven (based on alert level). Currently, alert level seem to increase but does not seem to have any effect. Raiding the same district of the same haven gives medium difficulty every time


Absolutely agree. :+1:
There is something planned, look here and participate or simply vote up:

They already implemented long term negative consequence wit hte factions declaring war on you and attacking your bases right?

That being said I have not been attacked yet by the Anu whom I have raided at least a dozen times alreay :slight_smile:

I agree there shoulb de long term consequences and i ntheory it seems like there are soemhwere but what I suggest right not is removing the possibiltiy to raid the same district multiple times in row and make it harder to raid the sma haven severa ltimes in row

If they haven’t changed it in the last patch, then a faction will not declare war as long as the reputation is above -75%. There will no long term consequence when the player keeps it above with Pandoran base destruction or heaven defences.

I don’t raid but what I do from time to time are sabotage missions and these are even more stupid because I only loose -6 reputation for the attacked faction but get +15 for the faction that gives me the mission. In my current campaign I’m actually pretty early only one week in the game but already have 2 factions over 25% so that I can see all their heavens. All I needed was one heaven defence to start at one point and afterwards 2 sabotage missions. On top I got a nice amount of resources for these 2 missions. The 3rd faction is only one nest clearing and another sabotage mission away to get them also over 25%. When I repeat this several times (what I probably not do) then I think I could be allied with all 3 factions at the end of January, maybe early February, but maybe also earlier, it depends a bit on how the Pandorans act.
For me, broken as hell and even worse that endless raids …


sabotage could give the same amount of + and - rep, like +6 with one and -6 with another. Thus you wouldn’t be able to abuse it, just “exchange” faction rep.

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or -20 for the attacked faction and +15 for the other?
This way we can do meaningfull favors but if doen for all there is a signifficant decrease in trust from all factions in the end :slight_smile:

Currently, you cna jsut go ahead and sabotage all of them and you will get positive rep overall from all of them