Suggestion: Outpost building and mission

Outpost Building

At locations which are finished with exploration on the geoscape (white dot) you can build a PP Outpost which functions as a “lightning rod” so to speak. It has a chance of causing any Pandoran attacks to attack this location instead of allied havens or PP bases in the radius (radius roughly as big as the area scan). There is only one building (Outpost) which you can upgrade to lvl1,2,3. Each upgrade fortifies the outpost building further, allows more stationed troops (4/6/8), and adds turrets (1/2/3) to the outpost. The higher the Outpost lvl, the higher chance of “drawing aggro” from Pandorans (35%, 60%, 85%) that would otherwise have attacked allied havens or PP bases.

Your team starts in a fortified building in a long rectangular map so that the map isn’t as wide, but long. With you and the enemy starting in opposing sides. After 2 turns the enemy spawns and advances from 1 side of the map only towards that base. So you get some time to position and prepare the defense in advance.

  1. Outposts only defend PP bases and ALLIED faction havens. The Outpost is to allow the player to invest resources into drawing enemy attacks into one location for the purpose of strategically manipulate travel times on the geoscape to your benefit and gain an advantage in the defense itself. Added benefit of getting haven defense rewards for what would have been a PP assault as well.

  2. It functions similar to haven attacks in that you have a timer to get there if you have no troops stationed. It functions similar to haven attacks in that you gain the same haven defense rewards after the battle, but only towards allied factions.

  3. The lore/immersion/logic part is simple. Phoenix Point operatives are purposefully drawing Pandoran attention towards this location. Allied havens still give you the rewards, because they know you are drawing the attention away from their bases to support and save them.

  4. For balance reasons, it could require an “Outpost Logistics” building built in a nearby phoenix base. Or require “Pandoran lure emitter” research or something like that.

Picture illustration of Outpost defense and how it draws aggro from pandoran attacks on the geoscape: HERE

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I like the idea for having an ‘outpost’, but not creating a new place at different area for it. A little mini game in game such as ‘tower defense’ would be fun to play before moving screen into tactical combat, yes it mean new gameplay element for the PP base and haven base defense - RTS and TBS.

*imagine change those zombies into pandoran hordes or other faction attacking player base/havens!

You mean a boobytrapped area? It would be awesome. Lure the Pandorans in, let them go deep to level 3 basement, to find that the whole place is rigged and explode the shit on them. So while they bleed and try to evac the area you fly there and wait them outside with miniguns :))… and collect their stuff for research purposes :P.

Really like the original idea however i think the devs should first focus on fixing bugs and adding the promised game features they didnt add before creating new stuff
Maybe add it in future DLC but not the upcoming ones

OP idea could be limited to automatic combats, if failed the outpost is destroyed. That is this idea would suit other suggestions to have tools to reinforce Haven defense.

Such extra layer on the goescape strategy need tuning to offer some choices and complexity, and balances. It would be great but I agree it’s not for now, and I think it would be a waste to not develop the idea, so for me it’s more a part of a DLC.

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