Heavy Cannon - Hel II feedback

I’m not sure if you guys noticed but Hel is working something like explosive weapon just without radius of explosion but in straight line. While firing at enemy, projectile from that weapon will pierce through every body part damaging it. And from overall HP will be deducted damage from most damaged body part. So yeah, with Hel you can disable multiple body parts with just one shot - it is more deadly than rocket launcher. :star_struck::heart_eyes::crazy_face:

And I still don’t get how stun is working. But probably it applies stun damage as many times as many body parts were hit and omits armor. Thus so tremendous values sometimes appear when shooting more healthy and bigger aliens. I have hit terror sentinel for 126 stun damage - it is like 18*7 :slight_smile:

PS. If body part or equipment is bend somehow, so projectile will leave it in some point and enter it again in next point then it will do double damage to that equipment or body part… Jesus…


The Hel II cannon is a beast! It is perfect for the close quarters battles in the shanty towns. The only down side is the thing has rubbish aim over a distance. Once you get up close it is fantastic at clearing groups but it really restricts the soldiers movement.

I have start using a combo of Launchers and Hell cannons. The launchers hit and kill from range and clear out groups. That allows the hell cannons to jumpjet in closer and start one-shoting crabbies.

I love setting it up in over watch when you know the crabbies are close, but you cannot see them, in the shanty towns. They run around the ambush corner and BOOM! Seafood.


to be honest I have a terrible problem with Hel. I can’t hit anything on the close distance, while it totally obliterates enemies like mist spawners etc. I will test it again today

Yes, it is not quite accurate, but still better than Machine Gun on long range vs medium or large enemies. :slightly_smiling_face: When Grenade Launcher will have grenade scatter then I think it will be best heavy weapon (with current properties)


Not the most accurate… but has the most LOL moments!


Guys, could you check something for me?
During the base defence mission I missed EVERY SINGLE shot with altitude level difference, while almost every same level shot was a hit.
Could you monitor such cases in your games?

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When aliens would finally decide to attack my base, I will check that. :smiley:


And I’m still waiting for the devs to add a knockback effect, pushing the smaller aliens one or two tiles away. That will give new strategic options, like making them fall from a ledge, or hitting against the wall, AND will be funny as hell (cannon)



I want to line up two aliens and smash the front one into the one behind!

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You sort of can! Last game I had two crabmen next to each other. Carefully lined up shoot killed them both. Definitely a LOL moment.

Does it happen only for heavy cannon? Now I wish we had 12.7 mm Anti-Materiel rifle.


That sounds like its own new version of fun… we still haven’t seen the heavy from the 3rd race have we? :thinking:

There is still time for this to happen! +1

got the same situation is base defence mission yesterday (long corridor from landing pad). For me, HEL is an AMR right now, maybe we could get some AP ammo? Of course, it would be great to see a HEL functionality variant redone as an AMR model (so riffle instead of a hand cannon) but like DazzD said, this could be done by Synedrion faction?

Regarding the knockback. I like to visual aspect (even if this is just a Hollywood/Bollywood crap/stunt effect), but I am aware that implementation and potential errors may be a pain in the butt.
You now, collision detection, falling into a wall, falling into lower-unaccessible levels, etc…

I am sure it would be a PITA to implement as you mentioned. It will probably open a whole can of worms, with other follow on issues it creates… but dam, it would add some laughs to the game!

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Yeah, I’m not a programmer, so no idea if it can be done… But whenever that cannon goes Boom!, I always want to see the enemy dragging its skin across the floor.

And thinking about it, then grenades should also launch the smaller enemies in the air. And that would be another PITA.

They already have a smaller effect in the game with facehuggers and fireworms. When you kill them with a machine gun they slide away from the soldier. Wouldn’t think it would be that much more to add the effect from grenade damage…

Now I think about it, I can’t remember what happened the last time I hit some with a grenade :thinking: Did they slide away or not? hmmm

I don’t think it’s feasible for enemies that would remain alive, for all the mentioned reasons of characters getting stuck in terrain. Also, it would probably require a whole lot of animations (eg standing up) to not look wonky.

But it’d be really cool if they added it to post-death ragdoll effect, especially if they could also destroy small objects eg wooden benches or the Anu slums walls. Doesn’t matter if they end up in weird pose, imo it even makes for more interesting moments - imagine blowing Chiron to collapse nearby sheds :slight_smile:

HEL is still limited in effective range - I’d really like some reliable long range option to headshot crabman through his shield, or blow someone right through cover. Make it 1-shot ammo, and maybe even 100% AP to shoot for balance.

Interesting thought about ammo. Do you know if multiple ammo types are planned?

not sure about the ammo, but for me it would be a great addition. make some kind of single bolt AMR, 75% AP for shot but very expensive ammo, and then you can add AP for shielders, some kind of RIP for unshielded areas and weapons? maybe incendiary ammo to increase pannic chance?

While I like all ragdolls effects in a typical games I really don’t care in PP, I am simply too much afraid of potential glitches this may cause.

It is planned. At least for some weapons.

Yea, totally agree. It would be way too hard for a surviving unit to get ragdolled through a wall. They would need a ton of extra animations for them to get back up and climb back to the position etc. Would be cool AF though :wink:

BUT aliens that die from the shot will look awesome getting smashed into walls etc or getting sniped and dropping off balconies onto breakable items etc. The big units dropping or staggering into walls would really add to the kill. Imagining the extra satisfaction of killing a queen if it has a death sequence and crashes into a building after! :+1:

Like some sort of anti tank rifle but have to reload after every shot :smiley: Awesome idea. I like it.

Nothing quite like the old multi cannon from XCOM:Apoc with the explosive and incendiary rounds :smiley:
Good news and bad news…
Good news… we have totally cleared out your building of those pesky aliens you called us about…
Bad news… you no longer have a building.

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