Questions about skills and perks in BB4

There are some perks which give you proficiency in some specific types of weapons. Those proficiencies say they give better accuracy. I would understand that if it was valid bonus, but… Well my questions:

  • Can melee weapon miss? If not then why would we need melee weapon proficiency? Or maybe that proficiency gives something else than accuracy bonus?

  • I know that grenades and overall explosive weapons will miss, but currently it looks like they are still 100% accurate, so why would we want grenade or mounted weapon proficiency?

  • Do we have silenced weapons in BB4? If not then silenced weapons proficiency is useless right now.

There are also skills and perks which improve perception and stealth. But is this system implemented and works in BB4? If not then those are useless:

  • sniper skill Eagle Eye
  • perk Eagle Eyed
  • perk Stealth Specialist

I’m pretty sure the skills have just be implemented but not all the content is available in BB4.

On fig they wrote something about the classes and skills. Yep, it may have changed during development but i hope stealth will find a way into the game, maybe @UnstableVoltage knows more?

Proficiency will grant the soldier the ability to use the weapon class without risk to fail. As I understand it, there is the first class you are trained in and the proficiency for second class soldiers (with the +accuracy).

May this thread be joined with?

Guys can you tell me if any other class using grenades in your games had any problem with them? Assault proficiency says that it is proficiency in grenades. So other classes should not have that proficiency. So I have assumed that they may Fumble at some point. But I have used grenades many times with other classes (like 20 throws) and I didn’t saw any difference. Was I extremely lucky and some of you experienced Fumble on throwing grenades with other class than Assault or this proficiency means nothing right now?

BTW. Instead of proficiency I see that strength has effect on grenade range (equals strength). :wink:

Update… I’m not sure if any proficiency perk work. I have two assaults. One have assault proficiency perk (which should grant additional +10% accuracy, right?) but when I aim with both of them at some point in space they both have the same aiming circles. Or even if those perks are working then it is not indicated on the aiming circles.

Other case may be that those proficiency perks are just as class proficiency with weapons, so taking that proficiency in assault rifles with assault soldier was just meaningless.

I have assaults that can be considered as sniper. I’m not sure about the perk, but I think accuracy boost is very strong.

lol but your Assault have sniper as second class with Master Marksman skill. :slight_smile:

I know, and he wears the sniper helmet too. Just to show that accuracy itself works and stacks very well. I will try to test the perk with 2 soldiers too.