Perks that I miss in the game and could use improvement

Heyo all, I have been playing the game for a while and I like to create unique soldiers by using their perks. However I feel like there’s some perks missing, but this is purely personal. I also think more perks could be introduced to promote more different of styles. Also some perks may have some tweaks to make them more attractive.

New - Archerist
Gain crossbow proficiency with 15% increase of damage and 15% increase in accuracy. Additional gain 10+ perception.

I don’t think the crossbow should be exclusive to the infiltrator. What I like about perks, it allows you to pick weapons outside your class. With this perk you don’t have to be stealthy and/or be an infiltrator. I don’t want this perk to give a huge damage increase as applying debuffs is also a core function of some bows. I think added perception fits well with bows, kinda the sharpshooter eagle eye trope. Perception also works well for scouting roles. So, lets hunt down some pandoran!

New - Puppeteer
Gain proficiency with spider drones and turrets. The drones/turrets has 15% increase of damage and health. -2 strength

I am not sure of this perk, I would like to hear your thoughts about it. Should drones be exclusive to classes? Are drones/spiders useful enough without the class abilities? Would you like a perk that boost the spiders and turrets? Should a soldier get access to both Turrets and Spiders? So, I think this is a strong perk, as it also boost the health of turrets and we already know that they are strong. I feel that -2 strength balances it more out and fits with the theme. As a puppeteer depends on his puppets and is physically weaker without them.

New - Fashionista
When equipped with a full armor set gain 2+ speed boost and 20% more armor. When this perk is selected, can not go for augmentations/mutations anymore.

I think this will be a fun perk which can give your soldier some character. As some humans are fashionable and like to match clothes. I do agree it is a bit restrictive, but that is intentional. This perk can also promote going full heavy, as it gives a big armor boost. (I heard going full heavy is not that popular, can be wrong). This perk also means you can’t do mutations, so you can also roleplay as kind of body purist character. Furthermore, I think it should also give another bonus as not all gear is about armor. I have set speed for now, but it could also be willpower or a balance between the two.

New - Pure/Forsaken - Needs first DLC
Robotic/mutations give 20% armor to augments/mutations. Also allow to mutate/augment all body parts. For each part augmented/mutated gain 1 additional strength/willpower.

Similar to the one before. This perk promotes going for robotics, aka Pure or go for mutations. I think it’s better to split it into two perks. You can have your friendly Pure and your forsaken best girl. Strength goes well with Pure, as they are machines. Willpower for mutations is a good fit, especially if you got a priest.

OLD - All attacks add 1 viral damage (1 per bullet)
NEW- Give proficiency with viral weapons with 25% damage increase and 15% accuracy. All attacks add 1 viral damage (1 per bullet).

First of all, I don’t think this is a bad perk, it’s actually useful against larger units. The proficiency with viral weapons is just a nice addition to my taste. Also promotes using viral weapons outside the priest class. The redeemer under performs when i use them, so it can use the damage and aim boost.

OLD - 50% range + 2 speed
New - 50% range + 2 speed, -1 AP when switching grenade in inventory

Quarterback always feels meh to me. The range is already really good, but the problem I have with grenades is that they require switching in slots. So, it would cost 3 AP to throw a grenade if it is not in a ready slot. (I usually have two weapons and one health pack in the ready slots, so not always room for grenades). I tend to give my soldiers grenades when they have the assault Ready for Action skill. So, you don’t feel punished for not having a grenade in a ready slot. A Quarterback also shouldn’t feel punished for carrying extra grenades. (I would also maybe opt for 15% more grenade effectiveness, to prevent too much overlap with the Ready for Action assault skill.) Anyway, make grenades great again.

Side note: I would prefer if manufacture time for grenades is removed. Getting ammo is so easy, but grenades is more of a hassle. We can make instant spider drones, grenade-launcher ammo, stim packs, etc. Don’t feel like it would make it unbalanced and would promote grenades more, but I would like to hear your thoughts about this side note.

OLD - 25% bonus carry weight + 2 strength
NEW - 25% bonus carry weight + 2 strength + 2 inventory slots

This was a missed opportunity to give a character more inventory. 6 slots is fair, 8 would be great. What I notice while picking this perk, is that it useful at early levels where weight can be an use because you’re lacking strength. This perk also allows to have spare weapons instead of ammo, in case one get destroyed. However, this perks becomes redundant when you’re maxing your strength. Having more slots allows you to use more of your carry strength. With the new scavenging missions it would be nice to have strong carrier. The Heavy Lifter bonus from the Neural Torso, could also give 1-2 slots.

Nevermind this:

Edit: Here I was talking about why the Neural Torso is lackluster, but I was wrong as I didn't know it allows you to wear mounted weapons. Big oof on my part. With this new knowledge, I don't think the introduction to an *non-bionic armor that allows mounted weapons, but does not have a jet-pack* is needed in the game, as we already got the Neural Torso to fulfill that role.

Side note: The neural Torso is the most lackluster choice from all the bionics. It got accuracy which is good for snipers, but snipers aren’t weight hungry. If you want to go for accuracy, it’s not a good option. Though it does have decent armor, so maybe good for a Heavy Weapons or Assault Rifles, as they closer to the front-line and can always use accuracy.


Gain mounted weapon proficiency with 20% damage and range.

A solution to this is to introduce a new phoenix armor that allows you to mount a weapon on your back/shoulder, but does not have a jetpack. This armor would be between heavy and assault , with -5% accuracy, -1 speed, 27 armor, -10% stealth. Cost = 27 tech, 155 materials. This armor is cheaper and less punishing when you decide to go mounted weapon. This armor could be a research, but this research would be available after getting your first mounted weapon research.

Well, thanks for coming so far. Please let me know of what you think of my ideas :slight_smile: Also, if you’ve your own suggestions, feel free to share them.


Just a hint, the Neural Torso has the possibility to mount weapons OR technician arms and for this, together with the Vengeance Torso, it is one of the most used bionic augmentations in my campaigns.

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Haha, why I never knew this, but thanks for the hint. Now, it’s definitely not lackluster.

I like lots of your ideas. Perhaps they can be included with a side-line story to explain the reason for the new understandings. DLC or simply different relationships with the different factions. But very good ideas.

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