A few questions and some suggestions

After secon day playing, including some interesting missions like the alien nest, i started getting used to the game mechanics, but i have a few questions.

There is a melee weapos proficency skill, but i’m not able to manufacture i dont say a samurai sword or a lightsaber but not even a machete or a swiss knife. Whats the point of having the skill? Thre also is an expert melee skill, i want to hope thet it includes the proficency one even if the game just says additional damage.

Same thing for PDW proficency, no way to build a PDW even if i can build assault and sniper rifles that are technically the same difficulty

There is also a shotgun proficency skill, in the assault tree, but assault troopers are, according to what the game says havent tried yet equipping one because i dint realize that dash allows me to run to point blank and shoot, already proficent with shotguns.

When you recruit a new soldier it comes with custom armor and weapons: shouldnt i be able to go to that faction and buy at least the ammo for them. I agree that building a laser or a gauss gun requires a specific research

Is there a way to customize a little bit my soldiers. In XCOM i had my riflemen green, my assault yellow and my heavies red so i knew at first sight what a soldier was. I’m not asking tattoos and pink flower skins for weapons like in XCOM2, just a little thing to make the gameplay easier

LAst question for now at least: where are the savegames on my HD? Just looked at documents/games/phoenix point/save

Now suggestions:

Fix the AI of civilians. I almost lost a soldier because an idiot stopped at a door blocking the passage and in the room nearby my poor was facing two crabs. Civilians should run to a corner and duck there until they see an alien not run aimlessly around and even if they are panicked and run a doorway is a really bad place to stop even if you dont have a military training one of my soldier will sure kindly tell them: ‘[insert you favourite way to call him] move your [censored] arse away’

Arent there too many defend the haven mission. Maybe because i left a nest living but every few hours i have to go somewhere to defend my friends and have no time to explore

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Assuming you have a relationship with them that allows for trade that’s a really good point, but if you could buy the ammo, surely they should also be willing to sell you their guns? :wink:


From what I’ve gathered it is because you’ve left a nest alive. I think also the haven can defend itself for a while if it has sufficient military capability.

@Yokes - Is that right?

It is. If they have military strength above 15 they should be fine for some time. If you want to have also some time to rest then prepare for tough fight in the nest, but after that you will have some time to do other things.

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I ran into something similar where I couldn’t move a soldier because a civilian blocked it by a bed. Would like to see the ability to path through friendlies. Especially since nests often have one tile corridors.

Yes i noticed that when the mission is first appearing there are numbers showing attack and defence strengths and the defending strength slowly goes down; guess that once it goes to zero the settlement is lost and the faction let’s say upset

I see no reason for a friendly faction to sell weapons too, at a price obviously higher than the resources to make it; it’s called free market.

I got a bone splitter (huge hammer) from a chest in a haven mission (Anu of course). Unfortunately, none of my soldiers have melee proficiency, it could save ammo sometimes, mostly for assaults. So unable to use it (unless I accept the inevitable fumble at the worst possible time). I doubt the “expert melee” includes the “melee proficiency” (even though it is stupid to have the possibility to have it show up in your skills if you can’t do melee right in the first place).

PDW is a New Jericho weapon requiring only 1AP to shoot (but bad against armor). So you need to go to level 50 with NJ to build some (if ever you wanted).

Assaults can already use shotgun, proficiency for them only adds 10% accuracy. I’d probably spend SP in speed or willpower rather than this for an assault. Your going close range anyway so no need for 10%.

I agree that you should be able to buy weapons or ammo for a premium once you get friendly with a faction (25 for instance). I have a Synedrion sniper that will soon need to use the Phoenix fury instead of his Synedrion rifle (means that I need to build one costing material when the only problem is the ammo).

Customization should be in the end game but not in backer builds. It’s obviously not as important and will come last in dev.

melee, like pantolomin said it’s connected to Anu’s berserker class and NJ ‘advanced melee weapons’ project which ends with a stun lance.
If I am correct neurazer is also considered as melee weapon?

PDW stands for Personal Defence Weapon and it’s related to Technican class, so you should get it about the same time you got access to pick up this class as secondary class.

Anu Berserker has melee proficiency. “Expert melee” mean that your guy’s swing is really powerful but he is still not proficient. :wink:

It is, but i suppose that all classes are proficient with this one item (try filters in inventory).

I am quite sure that I got fumbled on neurazer on my assault :confused:

Technician class? i’m sure i saw a guy able to carry and place turrets in a video but until now all my secon class option were the same i had at start: assault sniper and heavy

Probably i need to research it but until now all i was able to research was trading, recruiting and some alien related stuff like fog, autopsies and nests

Because you will need to get better relation with New Jericho faction. They have Technician class, PDW and turrets tech.

Yesterday I got a technician by exploring the map (yeah, free trooper). So you don’t necessarily need better relations with NJ (even if you’ll probably run out of ammo for PDW). I’ll have to see what it is now worth. In BB4 he was worthless until level 6 when he could heal damaged body parts.

You can always incursion research lab to get tech. NJ labs are easiest to run through I think. Ten will and dash should be enough.