Successful Lair Returns 0 SPP For Evacuation

Just successfully did a Lair mission and received 0 Skill Points Pool for Evacuating All Units.

Last hotfix bug

Just for the record, still bugged after Danforth patch.

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It’s now October and this bug is still showing up after numerous updates and hotfixes. This is getting just down right embarrassing for Snapshot’s QA. Yes, I understand that there are other game breaking bugs, but for one to continue to exist after such a long time. I have reported it via F12 with almost every update/hotfix. I now know that it isn’t worth my trouble or bandwidth to report it anymore via F12.

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It looks like they finally addressed this bug in the Polaris update. However, I’m thinking they took the easy way out and removed the Evacuate All Phoenix Operatives. Now one only gains points for destroying the Spawnery. I wonder if they removed the Evacuate from Citadels?