Clearing Citadel Not Returning +15 Faction Attitude

While it’s been stated that Citadel Evacuation was not intended to be in the last patch, there are issues with it. The majority of the time, if one clears the Citadel of all enemies, one is all receiving +10 Faction Attitude. In the past this always generated +15.

Just a heads-up that this should be checked when Citadels are “fixed” to really include evacuation.

That happened to me, killing every Panda before evac , first time REP +10, second one REP +15

My 1st one gave me +15 and the following 2 only gave +10. It’s not worth the effort if the results are going to be hit-or-miss.

Actually, since I am currently towards the end of the campaign (waiting for Synedrion to finish their Moon Launch site) - I was trying to test whether clearing a Citadel made a bigger dent in the ODI. It looks as if it might, but I don’t have the energy/patience to beat my head against this particular bug-wall. :wink: