Soldier loses 1 point of movement when spotting enemy

Upon spotting and /stopping/, the soldier loses one movement point, and is stopped on the tile before the spot. Sounds weird, but it’s what happened on the corner building stairwell from first to second floor on the Ambush map (which i think there is only one). It happened exactly on the corner as the soldier was climbing the first step.

A similar situation happend to me.
My sniper could move 3 squares in front and 1 to the side with bleu move. I move the 3 squares in front. I take a shot but I could’nt make the last move. But it is logical. The distance of L shap move is calculated in diagonal. It is shorter than the lengh of the L shape. If you cut a movement in two, you might not be able to move as much. Spotting an ennemy might do the same.

Have a similar problem with the “run” ability of assaults : sometimes the soldier stops 'cause he sees a crab (or anything smelling fish), wasting some willpower. It’s stupid :confused:

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Still getting this today - it appears not to be 1 whole point lost, it’s about 1/3rd of a point, but I find it a lot with high perception characters that their first move will have the blue area shrink as they try to move, and it’ll shrink directly after each spot, not after taking another action.

Finished PP today, and can confirm this still happens - more noticable on fights where there are a lot of mobs.

I believe that this has been noted as an issue that is being fixed.