Stuck on mission Antarctic

I reloaded that mission about 12 times. I can`t get through.

I keep getting swarmed bei Arthrons, Sirens and Tritons. The existing 2 - 3 Chirons don`t make that mission easier.

Jericho is my partner.

What soldiers do you have? If you have a heavy with a grenade launcher and Boom Blast, use them to soften up the Chirons before killing them with snipers. Dash in some assaults to finish them off with shotguns if needed. That should panic most of the Pandorans. You can then finish the rest off next turn in the same way.

By the time you do the Antarctic mission you should have a large squad of really good soldiers. An Infiltrator/Sniper is good for two shots a turn of huge damage. Sniper/Heavy is good for long range Rage Burst kills. A heavy with the grenadier + mounted weapon perks is great for really long range artillery fire. A priest with the Frenzy head is great for giving everyone a huge speed boost.

I got 8 soldier for that mission. Everyone is Lvl. 7:
2 Heavy/Snipers; 4 Assault/Snipers, 2 Sniper/Heavys.

It`s the amount of enemies, that make me trouble.

Don’t attack on first move, try to put everyone in cover instead. On starting location there if not much cover so dash to cover if needed. Do not set overwatch on first move. Half of enemies will come closer, and half will roam the map. On second turn start killing close enemies and be careful not to alert distant ones. Disable sirens’ head first so that they can’t do frenzy.

It depends a lot of Chiron type, in last play, I had 4 Chiron with goo (I can’t even imagine what it would be with worms), in previous play I had 2 Chiron bombard, and so on, it seems very diversified on that aspect.

Start position can be great for snipers:

  • But it seems there’s terrain/obstacles variation, so you need temper according to los from those positions.
  • Sniper not moving should be able stay here for a while with Chiron bombard.
  • For goo Chiron they need find a cover asap that let enough lost open if in goo (that is no side step).
  • For worms, you probably need think more with a team perspective, like two groups that each can handle worms.

Covers at first turn:

  • Don’t rush to wall covers yet, and don’t rush at all or with a vanish for a quick deep scouting at first turn. Trees and rocks should be fine for first turn, everything else rush to much to enemies.
  • But if there’s Bombard Chiron or glue Chiron this is a different perspective. Closest wall could be a good target but there should be enemy fire from right, but manage bombs will be your first priority.

Shooting at first turn:

  • Just in case of bombard Chiron it’s better to move somehow forward one or two soldiers having extra range for vision, to attempt detect chiron types on map. Scout with vanish is a great option, just keep in mind to keep enough moving if a bombard/goo Chiron is detected to move to a wall cover protecting against bombard/goo, vanish invisibility is ignored by bombard/good chiron, for worms it would be less a disaster.
  • If no bombard Chiron I don’t advise not shoot at all, start position can be great for snipers, and they can start shoot at first turn if no bombard Chiron.
  • I don’t advise start shoot at first turn with bombard Chiron, not for those snipers at start position, but to let one more turn to other soldiers to find better positions and anti bomb covers.

Sirens heads is good target only if you have a team mainly with very high precision. Otherwise I advise more the tails.

For Triton it depends, sniper need an extra care, you can’t let a Triton sniper shoot too long, you need detect him and kill or disable weapon. For shotgun triton, it’s a range management, short range they can apply very high damages so are extra dangerous.

For crabs, those with AR and 50 damages are your first priority. In this map it can be handy have your sniper with the neural SR to apply slowdown or paralyze. Otherwise you can think disarm or kill, sometimes legs can work but in my opinion it’s rare.

But it’s a lot of general advices, what specific to this mission is:

  • Don’t rush at first turn, and not to walls if there’s no bombard Chiron.
  • Start position can be great for snipers. Or use trees close
  • Take care of enemies shooting from right.
  • Walls are great covers, often move shoot move back worth it.
  • You can try with 5 soldiers and a vehicle, I suggest the Armadillo. It’s not really easier, but different and it can suits better your style or your soldiers.