Savegames and sending tikets

Yeterday evening, and this morning too , i’m plagued by savegames problems. After a mission i got the empty Geoscape and loading previous saves is impossible

The last i have is a Heaven defence yesterday evening, from then on Geoscape saves give the empty Geoscape and Mission ones load forever until i kill the game with task manager

I loaded the working one, completed the mission, went to geoscape with success but from the next mission on it’s impossible to continue

I tried F12 to send a ticket but it alway gives me uploading error

When sending F12 reports recently, i often get upload errors and don’t know why. My guess would be that if there is a report with the same title already registered, it will give an error. Or when you type non-alphanumeric characters.

Sure not the non alphanumeric characters; i never use the accented letters i have on my italian keyboard and i dont think i used commas or other punctuation in my title; reasonably sure not 100%

Could be a report with same title but the .zip created has a numeric code, think pseudo random being too high a number to be sequential, and it would be close to impossible to get the number of another ticket

Once i have tried to send a F12 report and received an upload error. Then i removed double-quotes on the text and the problem was gone. The F12 report seems very rigid on what characters it accepts.

I just removed a couple hundreds savegames from the folder and my last F12 worked

WOW ! I too ain’t able to send F12 reports anymore. Will try that ! How can we imagine something completelly unrelated affects the sending of reports !

Maybe there is a size limit to the upload; i rember reading that ALL saves are sent and having too many made the size pass the limit.

When i play in mission i save naming a b c d the various turns; next mission the game will not overwrite a but rename a1 a2 a3; add geoscape saves and it’s easy to reach a few hundreds in a couple campaigns